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About Performance Foods...

Performance Foods, Lincoln was opened in October 2009 by British Bodybuilder Laurie Carr. Following his runner up placement in the 2008 NABBA Mr Universe competition, he was approached by many people in the local area asking advice on supplements and nutrition and saw it as an opportunity to open a business of this nature.

At Performance Foods we aim to provide people not only with great products but also with advice, guidance workout and diet  information to help them achieve their goals. We believe in real nutrition only! There are no gimmicks or miracle pills in our store but if you want results and are working hard to achieve them we have the products to assist you.

Since expanding our business in January 2013 and moving shop premises to our bigger store we are now able to offer an even wider choice supplements, gym clothing, equipment, health foods & wellbeing products.

We have a Private Facebook customer Membership scheme currently set up in store in which you earn massive discounts off your supplements. We also offer an incentive for all personal trainers/coaches in the local area which entitles you to money off supplements and free products.

Performance Foods are always trying to offer more choice, better quality and great service to our customers and welcome your suggestions.

If you have an interest in our Private Membership loyalty schemes/incentives please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on 01522 567710 or email


About Laurie Carr...


Hi and thank you for visiting


But before you start buying in to any supplement or workout programs, it's my job to educate you on the best supplements or workout plan to suit your individual goals whether that’s to add muscle mass, increase energy, decrease fat or help you live a healthy lifestyle.  Before we do anything else, it’s important I tell you a littlie bit about myself. 


I need you to know that I am not some random skinny computer geek sat behind a desk giving out unqualified information or one of those clever marketing entrepreneurs who know how to play on your emotions for a quick sale!


I have one goal in mind and that’s getting you to your goal with only the right supplements and workouts. I have a motto that I apply to myself teach across to all of my clients and customers: “GET MAXIMUM RESULTS FROM THE MINIMUM”


This is not to say you can be lazy to get where you want to be, but following this mantra is to stop you from wasting precious time and energy on cheap nasty supplements that don’t work, hyped up workout programs that will yield very little results, and diet plans that are unhealthy and damn right dangerous.


Once you have exhausted the results from the work done then you move on to the next stage so on and so fourth… Everything I teach is what I have learned and done myself Anyway… I first started working out at 18 and I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.



  From the above picture you can see I wasn’t blessed with the best genetics to start off with, pretty much had no muscle whatsoever!!!


But straight away I realized that to get where I wanted to be I had to put the work in and find the best information possible, surround myself with the right people then implement, track my results, evaluate, make adjustments then implement again. I have followed this process right from day one.


I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way and its my job to teach you to avoid these mistakes, whether that’s to stop you from buying the wrong supplements or to teach you how to train and diet safely and correctly. It’s my passion! By following these steps this is what I achieved



I love working out and helping others reach their full potential, and that is why I’ve set up this site. I own a personal training business, Gym and Supplement store.


Here are just some of my achievements: in short I began competing in 2005 and won the NABBA North East First Timers followed by the NABBA Novice Mr. Britain title in 2006. In 2008 I placed 2nd overall in the NABBA Mr. Universe. In 2012 I reached the British finals at the first attempt by winning both super heavyweight and overall titles at the UKBFF Muscle talk Championship. In 2014 I won the UKBFF super heavyweight class at the North East Championships.


More recently, I won the East of England Super heavy weight class and placed 2nd in the British Finals. Ive also been featured in Flex magazine many times which is considered the ultimate body building magazine to be seen in!





The reason I tell you this is because I’ve a lot of experience working in the fitness/body building industry.

Like I said before I’ve made a lot of mistakes. 
I’ve wasted a lot of time, money and energy on workouts and supplements that simply don’t work. And this is why I opened up my own gym and supplement store, to help people just like you.

To educate hard working people on what supplements, training and nutrition to take and not take to reach their goal. Lets just take a look at one large portion of the fitness industry, which is the supplement business…

You see, according to the Telegraph newspaper the UK supplement industry is worth £301 million. (you can read the article here.) £471m by 2018. As a result, dedicated sports nutrition shops are springing up on our high streets – gym obsessives and fitness freaks no longer need to burrow deep into a corner of their local health food store to find a hit of protein powder or an isotonic energy gel.

There are a lot of companies out there that will try to rip you off and offer you supplements, training and diet programs that over promise and under deliver. AND MY GOAL IS TO:

  1. Educate you
  2. Point you in the direction to ONLY the best supplements, training and nutrition practices that can aid you in reaching your goal.

Anyway, now you've gotten to know me a bit better, leave your comments and have a look around the website so I can get to know you a bit better!