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Maxi Nutrition Progain 2kg

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Increase muscle mass and size by using PROGAIN. Training to increase mass and size requires the right nutrition, including an increase in protein intake. PROGAIN is a distinctive formulation designed to deliver the right nutrition efficiently. PROGAIN is naturally rich in BCAAs and provides a tailored solution to enhance your normal diet. Every serving contains 500 calories, 120 calories of which come from 30g of fast and slow release proteins for gains in muscle size. Taking PROGAIN in combination with your training can bring a more effective change to your body's muscle mass and size.

High in protein

Every serving of PROGAIN provides your muscles with 30g of high-quality protein to support gains in muscle size. PROGAIN contains fast acting and slow release proteins to give you elevated amino acid levels in the blood for longer. Protein is proven to support gains in muscle size

Naturally rich in BCAAs and Glutamine

Our protein formula naturally provides 7.5g of the Branched Chain Amino Acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) in every serving, with 3.4g comingfrom leucine. These amino acids are a crucial part of your diet because your body can't make them itself.

500 calories

PROGAIN contains an impressive 500 calories in every serving, of which 120 calories are from muscle-building proteins. Each serving also contains 70g of complex carbohydrates. Specifically formulated to provide the additional proteins to gain mass, PROGAIN is a useful addition to the diet for anyone looking to gain mass and size.

Source of Fibre

Every serving provides a source of fibre, a key component of healthy, balanced diet.

Screened and effective

Every batch of PROGAIN is screened for banned substances and is registered with the Informed-Sport programme.

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