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Muscletech Cell Tech Pro Series L & Lime 2000g NOV/13

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Muscletech Cell Tech Pro Series L & Lime 2000g

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‡Creatine can help improve strength, power, recovery time and increases lean muscle mass. However, as good as creatine is on its own, studies suggest that it can be made to work even better. After extensive development, Team MuscleTech™ researchers engineered Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series - an advanced musclebuilding creatine formula with powerful core ingredients suggested to help build muscle faster than creatine alone.‡ This exclusive, patent-protected formula delivers results by rapidly saturating your muscle cells with ultra-pure, highly potent creatine. Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series is designed specifically for elite bodybuilders and athletes who want to pack on muscle and strength fast!† Based On Rock-Solid Research At Leading Universities A portion of every single dollar spent on MuscleTech® supplements goes back into supporting its research and development efforts, which includes funding clinical research, reviewing third-party scientific studies and consulting with leading university researchers. As such, Team MuscleTech™ researchers examined hundreds of scientific studies looking for the most powerful musclebuilding and creatine-accelerating ingredients available. The key ingredients found in Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series and its core formula are supported by a total of 44 scientific studies! Groundbreaking research was conducted at multiple institutions, including McMaster University and St. Francis Xavier University. This exhaustive scientific study suggests this has led to the discovery of a truly effective means of transporting creatine into muscle cells where it is needed most to build muscle and strength. With the exclusive Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series delivery system, each serving rapidly triggers critical musclebuilding physiological elements to drive a mega-dose of creatine into your muscle cells.† Laboratory-Tested, HPLC-Certified Creatine & Dextrose For Rapid Muscle Gains A core element of the musclebuilding machinery driving the Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series formula is derived from HPLC-certified creatine featuring Micro-Diffuse Technology™. HPLC is a biochemical analytical method used in lab testing to identify components of a compound and test for purity. To force the monster-dose of ultra-potent creatine into your muscle cells where it triggers muscle growth, each serving is formulated with a precisely dosed 75 grams of laboratory-tested, HPLC-certified dextrose. A high dose of dextrose works to increase plasma glucose concentration, spike serum insulin levels and drive cellular creatine delivery and absorption. Plus, each serving of Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series includes a potent 200-mg dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid.† How Do You Know Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series Works? Just take a look at the documented published research: ‡In a placebo-controlled studey conducted at a physiology lab in Greenwich, CT, subjects taking the core formula in Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series with a hardcore training program built more mass than those taking creatine alone. In fact, subjects using the core formula in Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series helped gain more rock-solid mass. These documented results suggest Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series´ may have the ability to deliver amazing gains in mass and strength, fast! * Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series is mega-dosed with insulin potentiators and has at least 100% more creatine per serving than other leading creatine supplements. * Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series is dosed with premium-grade ingredients, including laboratory-tested, HPLC-certified creatine & dextrose. * HPLC is a biochemical, analytical method used in lab testing to identify components of a compound and test for purity. * The key ingredients and its core formula are supported by a total of 44 scientific studies, including Team MuscleTech-funded research from McMaster University and an independent lab. The Driving Mechanism of NEW Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series

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