After yesterdays email I am hoping that those that didn’t fit into my strict criteria are now of my email list now


I have also decided that I am going to make you an offer of being able to reserve the current price of my expert services only if you apply today


So best jump on board now while before I increase prices


Here’s what you get when working with me



  • Discover my personal training tactics and strategies that help me gain muscle and lose fat at will with just a few minor tweeks


  • How to get ripped this summer without spending hours in the gym or giving up your favorite foods


  • Life style and mindset tricks to help you stick to your diet even when your craving sugars



  • Why you will never build muscle or lose fat if you carry on dieting and training the way you currently are


  • Why cutting down and eating less is actually ruining your chances of getting ripped this summer (you’ll probably get fatter)



  • Learn the excat blueprint step by step plan that got client Oliver Saxon losing 14lbs of fat and gaining 7 pounds of rock hard muscle in only 4 four weeks (and he was eating more food than ever)



  • Burn more fat by doing less exercise and eating more



  • Access to are “Big boys meals” in only 10 minutes recipe section


  • Learn how to prim your body fat maximum fat burning and muscle building with this simple morning ritual



  • How to fix your inconsistent muscle gains, and constantly gain new muscle with packing on layers of body fat



Go here to apply yes click right here



Remember price increase starts tomorrow


Laurie “proof in the pudding” Carr




I only have a few spots left for 1 to 1 personal training coaching


And even fewer spots left on my 1 to 1 nutrition coaching course


Oh yeah check this little testimonial that popped up on Facebook yesterday, see how after having a baby she now has ripped abs



You can always contact her and ask her about the programs