So it’s been a few days since my last email


Basically I’ve been inundated with requests and just trying to sift through them to see who is a good fit for my business


Remember I only like to work with true warriors


Not half arsed wanna be's


Talking of wanna a be's that gets me onto the topic of body power


Body power equals wanna be central


Wanna be in shape but not prepared to put the effort in!


I don’t know how many times I have been asked leading up to body power are you working there this year


Answer No!


Are you going?


Answer again No!


Firstly my sponsor has tried body power and thinks it’s not worth the money, its just full of penny pinchers, and sample snatchers!


And as far as the reasons as to why I will not be attending


1. The board short and bikini crew will dominate stands and spectators and I don’t want any of their fake tan and make up to rub of on me.


Nothing against the bikini or board short crew the top guys work just as hard as me but 10 stone people aint gonna motivate me next time I am in the gym


2. As much as I would like to have a chat with them I aint queuing for 3 hrs. to standing next to the pro bodybuilders have a photo and shake hands. If they where really gonna tell me a secret to there success I guarantee id have to pay for it, and I would but I already know the secret


Secret = hard work and consistency and mastering the basics of training and nutrition




You can have that one for free!




50% of what is going on there is one big lie


In my opinion it’s just a reflection of the state of the industry that we are in


I’ve said it before if the truth was to be told and people educated properly the country wouldn’t be so FAT


What do I mean?


Well half of the shit going on there is not going to get you in shape!


When I talk about shit I am referring to the million different supplement companies all claiming to be the best


All with the next big thing that’s goanna change the game


Until the next big thing


All over exaggerated claims




Lack of reference and importance to correct diet and training and responsible use of supplements


Its seems that hard graft in the gym and good solid nutrition has gone out the window to fancy packaged products and complicated blends of ingredients.


Its just bollocks


Keep it fucking simple


I see it all the time guys living of weight gainers to try and put on weight and just get fat


Guys taking whey protein as their only source of protein wondering why they’re losing weight


Fat burners that are supposed to shred 10lbs of fat in 10 days but often used incorrectly and causing metabolic distress resulting in rapid weight gain when they stop using them, if they come off


Whose fault is this?


The greedy supplement companies and the consumer for not doing their research properly!


Look supplements have their place, I take my fair share and they do work when used as and when required,


Heck I own a supplement shop and sponsored by a supplement brand


 But it just annoys me when I see people queuing for 3 hrs. For a cheap plastic shaker a sample of protein powder thinking it’s going to solve their problems.


Is that sample and shaker really gonna help you gain your next lb. of muscle


No…. sure it can help but only when used in conjunction with all the other components, any else tells you other wise is talking bollocks



I realized that the masses had got it all wrong a few years ago when I saw massive queues for the samples and other crap they where giving away


Trust me I know of companies filling up tubs of out of date protein powder and selling it on just to get rid to keep their losses down


True story!!


And yet with all this mayhem going on amongst the hustle and bustle of body power


There were guys like Phil learning, Neil Hill and other well respected coaches and trainers all stood around hardly talking to any one and no where near drawing the crowds that the supplement companies had.


It’s just all upside down


Who’s going to help you most a master trainer and coach or a fancy packaged product


Hopefully by now I don’t need to write it down for you


So in closing if you’re motivated by the Baywatch boys with 1 ab


And no leg training history,


Promotional girls pretending to be world-class bikini and figure athletes with 4 inch’s of make up


Supplement companies trying to sell you the next magic pill


Or out of date ingredients


And queuing for 3 hrs. Just to see the real deal bodybuilders


Then knock yourself out body power is for you.


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Laurie “NOT Loving  body Power” Carr