Are you in the chicken and broccoli crew?


Ok so what’s the deal with the influx of people doing this stupid chicken and broccoli diet?


This seems to be the latest fad low to zero carb diet that’s floating about at the moment


I have had a whole bunch of people asking me what I thought of it


My answer


It’s a load of bollocks


I know of one guy who’s actually implementing it for his clients


Getting them to eat 1kg of broccoli at every meal and under no circumstances allowed any other carb sources


Hmmm nice






Do people really think that this is the best way to get ripped?


My advice


Find a new trainer if he’s putting you on this crap!


Trust me this isn’t goanna work long term


Ask yourself the question is you really going to be able to maintain this for the rest of your life


I think not


Do you think that all of the top physique athletes in the world are following this ridicules plan




And ill tell you why


1. It’ll make ill


2. As soon as you fall of the wagon


And I know you will


Your going to blow up like a fucking balloon and be fatter than ever


So what the deal with carbs and how can we use them to are advantage?


Now we all know the benefits of protein


And any one that works with me or reads stuff I put out there will also understand the benefits of fat intake


But when it comes to carbs


Every seems to have some right strange messed up ideas, as I described above


Do you know you can actually manipulate your carbs and become leaner?


Yes that’s right I said leaner not fatter


But on the other hand


If you get your carb consumption wrong it will make u fatter and shut of the fat burning process altogether


I.e. cutting carbs to serverely or cutting them out altogether


So what’s the deal?


The secret is timing


Eating your carbs at certain times of the day will allow you to eat more carbs, grow more muscle and burn more body fat.


Why is this?


Well its something to do with this really powerful hormone called insulin


Insulin is the only hormone that you have 100% controls over


Carbs stimulate insulin and insulin regulates the storage of nutrients into fat cells and or muscle cells.


So time your carbs correctly and you dictate where the insulin s going to push the nutrients into Muscle or fat cells?


Trust me the choice is 100% yours


So if you wanna get massive without adding any body fat you need to figure out when to take in your carbs


Not just the amount but like I said before it’s to do with the timing.


What i am about to suggest may be the exact opposite of what you may have been told by some mush cookie one size fits all personal trainers


1 No carbs at breakfast


That’s right the most important meal of the day should consist of very little carbs




I want my body to be running of fat for energy 




Having very little carbs will force your body to run of adipose tissue (fat) rather than amino acids and sugars which would be better used for muscle building and recovery.


This sets your body up for running of fat for fuel for the rest of the day if on the other hand you had a sugary breakfast your body would shift towards becoming a sugar burner (not ideal for fat burning and muscle building)


2. No carbs pre-workout


So loading up on carbs pre-workout will not ramp up your energy ready for grueling balls to the wall session


In fact it does quiet the opposite


Firstly it stimulates the release of serotonin from the brain


The sleepy hormone


Not ideal


And secondly the release of insulin switch’s of any fat burning potential during the workout


Again not ideal for getting that ripped physique you’re after!


So put your carbs in after training and in an evening meal, these are the perfect timings for the release of the sleepy hormone serotonin and the storage hormone insulin.


This an be quiet a complex diet protocol to get right but once its done and manipulated properly its an awesome strategy to use for packing on muscle whilst shedding body fat


If you’re interested in having me putting the timings and plan together for you then get in touch through the link below




Laure “Carb Lover” Carr




This timing stuff is just one of the stratergies that i use on my clients, it doesnt suit everyone so dont take this as a one size fits all approach.


Many of will benifit from just getting the basics right before moving onto this stuff


tommorrow i am gonna show you how i move clients from one eatng plan to another depending on there experience and commitment


Just to show you that i have many tools in my tool box that i can apply to you guys!


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