Fear is a mind killer!


Pretty cool title ehh?


Well it came from a Novel called Dune and it’s was a pretty famous line that lots of motivational coach’s now use


So if fear kills the mind


What kills the body?


Well research has suggested that the two biggest factors are stress and inactivity


Unfortunately it’s hard to escape these two things with today’s busy lifestyle


Well it doesn’t have to be that way


If you have ever felt too busy to eat better of exercise more then I have a load of pointers to get you back on track


These lessons come directly from the clients that I have worked with


Basically they made the descion to get things back under control


With hard work




Strategic daily practices


And balls to the wall training


Which lead to massive transformations in mind and body


If they can do it then I am sure you can too


Here are just some of the lessons they have learned


1. Don’t think just do it


Get off the fence and just do it thinking about it gets you nowhere


2. Exercise programs put you off


Ignore the mainstream advice; if mainstream advice worked the country wouldn’t be so fat


3. Find trust worthy friends and acquaintances that have improved their physique and maintained it do what they do


Why try to reinvent the wheel, when you see true success copy cat


4. You can'tt seem to get your heart into it


True progress means focusing on what you can do now, not the future where everything is perfect.


5. Have a reason


Without a specific reason motivation will soon die, write it down and look at it everyday


6. Feel more than you see


Don’t just focus on the mirror, think about how you feel as well during the transformation, health and well being is number 1


7. Don’t fall into the pack mentality


Just because they’re doing something bad doesn’t mean you have to join in, be strong enough to be your own person


8. You know a lot about working out and nutrition but still can't seem to get it right


Realize it doesn’t matter how smart you think you are or how much knowledge that you have, if you’re not living it you don’t really know it


9. Think of yourself as a beginner


Always willing to learn and make ways for new insights of advice, you’re much more likely to succeed


10. Let someone else take the helm


People often know a tonne about training and nutrition and are reluctant to let anyone in to help, they think they know it all but the weight is still sticking to them or can not push past a muscular limit no matter what they try.


The light bulb moment is relinquishing control to coach’s who are experience and can offer daily practical advice and accountability.


11. Find accountability


This is the big one, unless your super controlled and 100% dedicated then accountability is key to achieving your end goal.


12. Realize that there is no such thing as “too busy”


People who suffer this ”don’t have time excuses” are delusional. Often the most successful people are the busiest lifestyle as they aren’t got time to think about what there doing and just follow the plan that’s laid out for them.


13. Recognize that progress is not a straight line


If you measuring your progress by how much weight your losing or gaining each morning then your gonna fail and give up. A charted progress will look like a crazy wiggly line to the goal


14. Stop blaming external factors


Success or failure is 100% down to you, no one else.

Take responsibility for your outcomes


Learn the difference between “I have to do X” “I choose to do X”  “I am doing X”



Hope that these lessons helped


Like I said its stuff I have had to talk to my clients about when they start to question what and why they are going through the process of improving there physique.


If you’re interested in off loading the stress of getting into shape then you’ll find me here!


Laurie “stress ball” Carr