I was doing some stalking in the gym this Saturday just gone


Basically walking round having a chat with a few of the regular members


Not training related but just general chitchat


Anyhow it always comes back to training and how good there current routine and its the best thing since sliced bread


Granted some of these guys are in good shape and some not so, but they all seem to be sharing the same pitfall and making the same mistakes


And you probably guilty of this yourself


here goes the


Always doing the same exercises


Same routine

Same weights lifted

Same nutrition strategies for weeks on end


 can you build a full rounded physique if your not attacking each muscle group from multiple angles?


So I always ask two simple questions that gets them thinking a bit more about what they are doing


Maybe you can ask your self the same


after asking What’s your current training routine or nutrition strategies


  1. How’s that working for you?
  2. . Show me?




How’s that working for you?


Well yeah its ok but feel as if iam just going through the motions not really getting anywhere


Or Often the super positive but deluded would be like


Yeah its great aim looking awesome and whip there top of and give me a few flex’s in the mirror




Ok great… now show me


Show me how your different from last week, last month or last year


This is where everyone looks at me all gone out!


Show me how you know your strength has increased

Show me your food diary 

Show me your plan for the coming months a head


9 times out of ten


There’s nothing to show


if theres none of this how can you gauge your progress


Now I know what your thinking it’s a bit extreme for just the leisure trainer just to have these things


Well to be honest its not


If after the first 6 weeks of hitting the gym if you aint got this in place your not being optimal in your training and nutrition practices


Basically you’re just wasting your time effort and money


The key to success in any endeavor is to measure and be consistent


So get your


Food diary sorted


Traning diary sorted


Yearly periodized training and nutrition plan sorted


And come up with some way to make yourself accountable to yourself or even better accountable to me


Until next time


Laurie “Stalker“ Carr




Got noting else to say




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Oh yeah I have I just thought I am going to show you my periodised training and nutrition plan for this year.