Apologies for any sensitive snow flakes who didnt like the subject of this email


i was gonna call it "How to speed up you metabolism"  but i wanted your full attention






Does your body type affect your metabolism?


And does this limit your genetic potential


You know


Endomorph – Naturally Fat

Ectomorph – Naturally Skinny

Mesomorph – Naturally MUSCULAR


This is something that I come across all the time


“I must be a ectomorph can eat what I want but still can’t put weight on “


Or at the other end of the scale


“I must be a endomorph just look at a cream cake and ill gain 5 pounds”


Every time I hear this I just sigh and wonder where the hell that they have gotten this ridicules notion from.


I think that this is just another excuses or story people tell themselves why they cannot do or achieve the body that they want.


OK so these body types may suggest to us different hormonal response s to food and the environment around us


So could be useful in helping to set a baseline and starting point with someone’s nutrition  


But for anything else I would just ignore it


Take me for example I was a 6 ft. 1in, 10 stone 18 year old when I started


The so-called experts would have said that it was never in my genetic make-up to be a top-level bodybuilder


I should have been a long distance runner or something similar.


You know I like to keep things simple and not over complicate the issues


If you’re fat you’re eating to much and not moving enough


If you’re having a hard time putting the muscle on your not eating enough and not training correctly


Simple as that


People blame there






Exercise especially weights just doesn’t work for me


Carbs make me fat


Fat makes me fat


I need this supplement


I don’t have time to eat 3-6 meals a day


Its just bollocks,


You need to stop putting that cheesecake in your mouth and stick to the plan.


Eat the required food that your body needs to grow or burn fat


Which is around 250-500 calories above or below their daily requirements


Just before I go and let you ponder over what I have said today


I have a few facts for you to digest




Genetics only accountants for 50% of the total results that you acquire


So 50% of the other stuff you have control over


Genetics limitations could include but not limited to


Muscular make up (fiber type & density)

Neural firing patterns (this can be altered)

Lever length

Insertion points

Hormonal responses (although can be manipulated to a point)

Gastric and intestinal function (again can be manipulated to your advantage)


So you see you’re in control of a lot more than you think and you can even improve or maximize some genetic limiting factors



The amount of muscle that you carry on your body is the single biggest factor that determines how fast or slow your metabolism is


More muscle = being able to utilize more calories


So what’s that telling us?


Build muscle and you will naturally burn more body fat without even thinking about it.


ONCE YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED these basics then maybe can look at other ways to help ramp up the metabolism.


But until then stick to the basics and stop looking for the magic pill.


It doesn’t exist


So if your ready to take action


And want to stop over complicating the issue


And want some crazy Ass results just like all the other members in my exclusive inner circle


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Until tomorrow


Laurie “used to be 10 stone” Carr




If you still want to continue to piss about trying the next magic pill, workout plan, diet strategy or supplement that comes along


Then your not for me


Please unsubscribe yourself now




So the answer to the subject line is to not build muscle and eat lots of processed food or be constantly yo yo dieting....


i.e do loads of cardio or sit on the sofa playing X-BOX


and do one of those crazy juice plus diets that around at the moment


that will definitly put you in an early grave!!!!


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