Is your bullshit sniffer turned on?


This one might offend


So if you’re a sensitive soul you best not read


But if your ready for my uncensored opinion then read on


So seriously ask yourself the question is your bullshit sniffer turned on when it comes to whom you’re paying for advice and direction when changing your physique?


Can you spot a fraud and a gimmick service?


Someone or something that’s just winging their way along


90% of trainers and products are doing just this


How do I know this?


The country is now more out of shape more unhealthy and fatter than ever


But everyone is on a diet??????


So this tells me that the majority of you have yet to turn your bullshit sniffer on!


Two things to blame for the epidemic of obesity in my humble opinion


Trainers and big company’s that are not bothered about there clients and doing a bad job




The softly softly approach to dealing with fatties that are draining our society!


Simple as that!


Softly softly =


People having no motivation, drive or will power to change their bad habits


Meaning they live off our hard earned money to stay outta shape and fat


Softley soft parents giving their kids what they want when they want causing fat kids popping up all over the place


Enforcing bad habits into there fragile lives at a very young age


And softly softly friends are saying its ok to be overweight as long as you’re happy!




Or is that just a story that you’re telling themselves to make them feel better


Look here


I am no fattist, but what I can’t put up with is people that moan about being overweight and do nothing about it.


If you want to stay outta shape great…that’s your choice


If your one of these wanna be outta shape kind then your probably not reading this anyway.


But if your outta shape and wanna be in shape do something about it, and that may mean reaching into you pockets and paying for someone to kick your ass into shape!


I have heard People say that its lack of education that’s causing the obesity epidemic




Ill give you some education




That’s it school finished!


All the education you need right there!


But for those of you that have put your foot down and no longer wanna be part of the Glutton Gang


Ill ask again


Is your bullshit sniffer turned on when it comes to picking your trainer/coach!


Reason I ask is


How much progress have you made in the last month or even 6 months?


Do you look pretty much the same as when you started your current regime?


If you do you need to get a new trainer or program before you get disillusioned with the lack of results and are tempted back into the Glutton Gang.


If you current trainer or nutrition and training plan isn’t implementing what I am about to tell you then they either don’t know it or they carnt be arsed to implement it with you.


Probably the latter


Iam going to give you a little tool that I use on all of my clients that’s gonna help make continuous progress.


So you can apply this to what your doing now


Its called OBDM




It’s the foundation to all of my success personally and with my clients


This tells me when to make changes to my diet and training schedule


Remember its when we make theses changes that your body needs to adapt to deal with the added stress so that we progress forward towards are goal.


So this might be increased cardio time or intensity


Changing the weight training routine (there’s hundreds of thing we can do here)


Make minor adjustments to the diet


All these things have a big impact on how our bodies respond and look.


You need to be doing this if you want long-term sustainable gains!


Here its is


Follow the diagram every single week on say a Saturday afternoon and make the nessacary adjustment to your diet and training as I described above to keep progressing forward



If you’re interested in learning more about my unique methods of training and OBDM


Then apply here to learn what my most successful clients are doing to great results




Laurie “OBDM” Carr



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