Bodybuilding, lifting weights or doing any kind of physical exercise just doesnt work!


especially when it to changing the shape of your body!!!


WTF i hear you say...


has laurie lost the plot


the answer is no i havent


and i stick by what i have just said


any exercise program will not work if one of the key componets are missing


read the following and find out what the missing link is


and are you guilty of this to?


ok so


I Just received a email from a follower on Facebook telling me that that the weight training program that I gave a away for free a few weeks ago isn’t working for him


He said that he hasn’t seen any increase in muscle and he is still carry around the same amount of fat.


So I asked him to email me over his stats (Tracking log) and diet logbook to see if I could see the problem


I kinda knew what the problem was before I requested such details but just wanted to make sure


As I previously expected there was nothing wrong with the program


 The guy was tracking some of his workouts so that was ok


The issue was


The guy’s nutrition


It was pretty much none existent


When I asked him for his diet logbook


Just a couple of day’s worth


He didn’t have one


But he did tell me that he eats loads of food, in fact he never stops eating!


I carnt tell you how many times I have heard this before


So just to prove a point I gave him a call just to go over his nutrition quickly with him.


Here’s what he was eating


1. No breakfast as he has to get work so he doesn’t have time, but he makes up for it later


2. 4 sandwich’s with chicken (no measure)

    1-packet crisps

    Sometimes a Choco bar if he’s trying too pack in a few extra calories


3.  A full cooked chicken from Morrison’s

Pasta salad and olives


4. Protein shake after training


5. A massive evening meal i.e. lasagna and chips or baked potato


Sometimes snacks on nuts and berries during the day


Ok so basically I told him that his diet sucks


And they’re a whole bunch of habits and things in the diet that are just not going to do anything for his fat loss and muscle building goals.


If he was to make a few small changes and got a bit more organized with his eating his efforts in the gym wouldn’t go wasted


I proceeded to tell him about two of the most important of my meals I have during the day and how they affect the body and prime it for recovery growth and fat burning.






Post workout


And if you’re serious about packing on muscle and losing body fat he needs to get serious about his nutrition


Physique building is similar to building a house


How do you expect to build a house with no bricks?


So you cant expect to build a physique without putting in the proper fuel (bricks)


Nutrition is just as important as the training


If the training program and diet are not executed correctly nothing is going to happen


An half arsed approached will never work


Both nutrition and training are crucial to achieving your physique goals


so now you have the missing Link


but  if you’re a bit lost with it all and not sure how to put it all together and not getting the results you want why not contact us here


Click HERE to apply to work with me!


And let me show you how to do things properly!




Laurie “the house builder” Carr