Ok normally I don’t write about women related muscle and fat loss issues

Training women is not my thing


being an emotional sensitive snowflake aint my thing when it comes to training!


So whoevers reading this WARN your lady friends!!!


Although if they have  a true warrior spirit and wanna train like beasts ill make an exception


But any how


True story time...


I recently got a new client who was literally pulling out her hair because of her weight loss issue.


Now its not what you think!


This lady had actually lost a crap load of weight (8 stone in 6 months)


And it was down to juice plus



(most people last about 2 weeks on that crap


This lady was super mentally strong,


she had to be to put herself through 6 months of that crap, that’s why I took her on.)



The thing is


Even though she had lost a load of weight


her hair started to fall out to!!!


And other bodily functions began to go crazy too!


And its all down to the crazy methodology of  these quick fix juice plus, cambrideg diet bullshit!


Just to name a few


How can juice and water be any good for your fat loss goals?


If you have been reading my stuff you should know by now that its good clean eating that will get you lean and muscular!


Male or female!


it doesnt matter


Not that meal replacement juice plus BS


anyone I know that sells juice plus knows absolutely nothing about health and wellbeing


NO qualifications or even more important any real interest in building lean muscular physiques!


Any normal joe bloggs off the street could sell this crap


And people fall for it








Because they have fancy terminology and normal girls with success stories


(Who, by the way, are SPONSORED to say good things)


Sure some people get great results, don’t get me wrong


But it messes them up


Big time!


Do you want to be lean for a week or lean for life?


I know what I’d want


It’s not even like this stuff is cheap, people are paying their hard earned cash! You may as well set it on fire!


I see women of all ages come in to my office with some of the best abs and butts you’ve ever seen


And guess what?


They eat six meals a day!


Most people can’t work their own diet out to get that lean, gorgeous figure of their dreams so they fall into the trap of juice cleanses which promise their dream figure



But luckily you don’t have to work it out for yourself!!


Let someone who has proven results do the hard work for you


Tat way you just concentrate on feeling fit and confident in your bikini this summer


Tell you what, click HERE to download our free 7 day nutrition plan and workouts to see how it SHOULD be done


And if you don’t feel better at the end of it


(Which you will)


Then fine!


But if you DO, click HERE to apply for a consultation and have it done for you forever!




Laurie “Juice Plus is Total BS” Carr

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