I have been training for about two years now on my own as an individual; however I have picked up quite a few bad habits and feel as though I was limited on my gains and losses, so I decided it was time to get with a personal trainer and start a personal training program.

Since i started training with Laurie my form has improved tremendously well and quick, this has in turn made me a stronger and healthier person being able to lift more.

I love to keep all my exercises and diet plans fresh and new to stop me becoming bored of them and to keep my interest and desire to carry on high. With Laurie having a mass amount of knowledge and passion in this area of work he has no qualms in talking about it and giving me advice when i need or ask for it.

For anyone thinking about joining the program just do it, it will be the best money you have ever spent on your body.

 Markus Hudson.
St.Georges Cars.


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