Yesterday I talked about how it’s important to have your nutrition and training strategies in place if you’re serious about achieving your goals


Today I am going to show you my training and nutrition strategies for the past and upcoming year


Maybe it’s something that you can use form now


First I am going to talk about the ups and down sides of training


Anyone that works with me will tell you iam a big believer in using every type of training and nutrition system going if it suits a certain situation


I am not one for just doing what ever the in buzz strategies that’s floating around or just giving a watered down version of what my coach gives me.


Like I said before


There is more than one way to skin a cat




There’s something that may suit one individual more than another


But the main thing is to strategically switch things around working towards your goals


So polarity exists in all aspect of life


Where there’s night there is day


Where there is sunshine there is rain


Everything that I teach and everything that you will ever learn in strength hypertrophy and fat loss training has upsides and downsides


That’s the reason for structured periodisied planning


There’s no such thing as the perfect routine, training method or diet protocol


Rather than thinking of this as a negative think of it as a positive aspect to life and training


You get to try something new and give your mind and muscle a new stimulus to carry on growing and improving


How many times do we see people doing the same shit time and time again and not gaining a single ounce of muscle or losing a lb of body fat?


I would put their lack of results down to purely not providing their body and mind with a new stimulus


If your body’s not forced to adapt it wont


Your bodily systems are always trying to find balanced


My job is to take it slight out of balance


Just think of the first time that you lifted a weight


How sore where you over the next few days and how quickly you added lbs. of muscle to your frame


These first 6 -8 weeks you grew like a weed


Lifting weights was all-new


And your body had to adapt to deal with the stress


But eventually that all stop and gain began to slow until eventually totally stopping


Change the stimulus and things start happening again!


That’s the concept that I am talking about right there


Change of stimulus, built in progression and thought out regression & Deloads all need to be part of your training not just going in the gym and constantly smashing out heavy lift after heavy lift


Be smart


Train smart


And eat smart




Here’s my simplified rough plan for this years prep







Recovery phase

Calories back right off

Carb back load

Minimal supps

3 cheat meals per week

Pre-exhaust training using trisets


Recovery phase

Same as above

Same as above







High volume

Balanced diet

High Volume


Deload/High volume

Nutrient timed

Deload/High Volume


Pre contest prep

Nutrient timed

Intermittent Reset phases


Strength /hypertrophy phase



Start contest prep

Nutrient timed/overfeed phase

Lactic training/giant sets


Start contest prep

Nutrient timing

Diet manipulated Daily/weekly

High Volume


Start contest prep

Nutrient timing

Diet manipulated Daily/weekly

Chest specialization training

High frequency


Start contest prep

Nutrient timing

Diet manipulated Daily/weekly

Shoulder specialization

High frequency


Start contest prep

Nutrient timing

Diet manipulated Daily/weekly

Decrease Volume

Increase intensity


Post contest prep

Reset phase/reverse dieting

Increased volume




So as you can see everything is laid out, and this is the sort of thing that I have planned out for every single one of my clients


Just to keep the body guessing and forcing it to adapt and grow


Obviously things can change, as life isn’t as always as smooth as writing stuff down on a piece of paper


But you get the general idea


If you fancy this then hit the link below


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Laurie “OCD” Carr