More Rest required


Two steps forwards one-step back is an analogy that I use all the time with my clients when it comes to their muscle building goals


Applying this this will always lead to


Continuous progress and improvement


Something that everyone wants to see when it comes to training


Especially bodybuilding and changing your physique


But can also applies to relationships and business


Something that I learnt a few weeks ago


And is now going to be part of my routine


Let me explain


Ok so a few weeks ago I was sat in a Gatwick airport hotel room


No I am not going on holiday to Mexico


I wish…


I am at a business convention


Some of the stuff was really useful


Well to be honest


Only two things have been really useful


And if that’s all I get from the whole weekend it’ll be worth it


First lesson


Plan your goals and break them down into monthly weekly targets


I’ve realized am not even that far away from my financial business goals for this year


But it’s took someone to point that out to me


And all we did was look at my past numbers and numbers needed going forward and broken that down into manageable weekly targets


If this had been a training bodybuilding goal it would have been the first thing I would of thought of


But as its business I needed some help


A coach to point me in the right direction!


Second Big lesson


2 steps forward one step back


Like I said before teach this a lot to all of my PT clients that sometimes that you need to take a step back rest, recharge and evaluate to move forward


Whether that’s with a Bulking diet, a cutting diet break, a weeks rest from training and strategic absence from supplements all helps in moving forward to create that bigger and leaner physique


Its impossible to continuously progress in a linear upwards fashion


So with this in mind I will now be taking 1 week out of work every 12 weeks


I already do this for training and dieting


But again I needed to be told I need to do this for my business! In order to recharge and accelerate forward


So you see


I have the same trouble as you guys have with your training


Except my is in business


But I am slowly learning there pretty much the same thing


And you guys may need a coach


To say when to back off, when to push forward


To give you that weekly plan of action and break down everything to simple bite sized chunks


To accelerate your progress


In your training and nutrition goals


So if you’re interested in taking a short cut to success


Then you can find me here


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Incase any of you missed the whole point to this email


Plan your journey and goals


Take a week off every 12 weeks


Use a coach in any part of your life if you wanna speed up the process to success, there’s no need to struggle on your own.


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