So had this facebook freeloader guy Facebook message me the other day claiming that he wasn’t getting any results in the gym.


And he would like to come in for a sit down chat and discuss where he was going wrong


I said I don’t do sit down chats


But you can come in for a consultation if you fill in our application form and pass our qualification process


It’s like this you see


I am quite selective with who I work with


Sick of time wasters tire kickers magic pill hunters and wannabes


Anyway this guy wasn’t impressed with my answer


“Surely you can spare 30 minutes of your time to answer some of my nutrition and training questions”


Sure I could but I am not going to…


If you want free answers go visit my Blog or Facebook page where i am banging up free info every day.


From that you can piece together what I am doing


Hell I am even posting my workouts up on Facebook everyday with the nutrition that I am personally doing


Just the other day I posted up a full months worth of dieting and workout plans!


Use that if your not going to invest in yourself!


If that’s not good information and advise I don’t know what is.


Any way said guy replied


“Surly people helped you in the past to get you where you are today”


This is where the rant started!


Yep they did


But I paid for it with hard earned cash and my own time!


If your not prepared to invest with your own money or sit down and study how to do something don’t expect to get the results that your after.


Don’t expect it to be handed to you on a plate


show me your investment, show me your workout calendar show me your workout plan show me your current diet plan?


Guess what he didnt have one


Even the best athletes in the world are still investing in themselves with either self-study or hiring coachs or even better doing both!


That’s how they stay on top of there game


The best chefs have to go through an apprenticeship!


The most gifted musical prodigies seek out the best music teachers


All Olympic athletes have coaches


So if these guys are doing it why the fuck are you expecting shit for free?  


Or results for not putting in any time.


But instead wanting to waste my time,




It’s as simple as this


The most successful people invest in themselves




That’s how you get what you want in life


That’s what separates winners and losers!


People just don’t wake up and all of a sudden a ripped 280lbs


Or a world champion boxer, MMA Fighter, multi millionaire etc. etc.


The top guys in any field make a point to learn from the best, they don’t waste time trying to figure it out themselves


They put in time money and the effort to become successful


They don’t half ass, or waste other people’s precious time!


So if you’re serious about getting results and learning from someone who has done it for the past 16 years


then APPLY and click on the link.


Why wouldnt you give yourself every advantage to get where you want to be!


Laurie “Ranty rant“ Carr ;)




The guy never filled in the application form


If he couldn’t be arsed to fill in the form there’s no way he would have implemented anything that I would of told him anyway!


He will just continues the way he is and probably look the same or worse as he is 6 months from now!




I promise tomorrow to send over the nutrition levels email and table so you can see where you at with your own nutrition