After having a long layoff from the world of competitive bodybuilding due to establishing my business over the last 6 years, I decided to give it another go after being inspired by Laurie and many of the other up and coming Lincoln bodybuilders. 

Naturally I wanted to enlist the help of the most experienced and educated within the competitive field which was Laurie Carr of Performance PT Lincoln. So I approached him back in 2012 and asked him to get me back on track as I just didn’t feel as though I was functioning like a real man. By this I mean that I felt as if age was catching up with me I would always feel lethargic & bloated, had a poor appetite and my visits to the toilet weren’t particularly pleasant. Also I often felt quite emotional as if my testosterone level where non-existent.

So the first thing that Laurie did before putting me on any nutritional, supplemental or training plan is  insisted on taking a visit to Dr. J Lidder one of his specialist alliance partners in London who would give me a full and thorough health check over and blood work. As Laurie suspected my Testosterone was far from optimal and the diet I had described to Laurie and Dr. Lidder was primarily the root cause of this and the other minor issues that I was having.


I remember when I first told Laurie what I had been eating and how I was training he basically couldn’t believe I had fell into the media trap of low calorie diet techniques and over training, especially since I was an experienced competitive bodybuilder. The thing is you forget what you’re supposed to be doing when you haven’t got the right people around you supporting you and coaching you along the way. You just end up doing what everyone else is doing which more often than not isn’t right. How many times do you see it? In the local fitness gyms especially, you see the same people training there year in, year out, and always looking the same? I would say 99% of people and it’s only the 1% that takes the time to break the mould and go out and educate themselves that get anywhere!


So anyway Laurie put together my training plan and diet plan with minima lsupplementation to begin with. Within weeks I was feeling like a completely different person and the fat was just melting off me. I was eating 3-4 times the amount I was before, it was incredible! As far as the training plans where concerned it was so easy to follow every single rep, set, length of the session every detail was accounted for. The quality and attention to detail of the programmes was unbelievable and so easy to follow.


Within 6 months I was back on the bodybuilding stage at the UKBFF Leicester qualifier for the British where I won my class and then qualified for the British event in which I placed 6th, not bad for my first year back competing.


Since then I have Also placed 2nd in the NABBA North East show (over 40s), 2nd in the NABBA Mr Britain (Over 40s), Placed 5th in the NABBA  Mr Worlds (over 40s) and have now qualified for the NABBA Mr Universe where i am aiming to place in the top 3.


What I would say to anyone who is sat on the fence or is thinking about becoming part of Performance PT is you just need to do it! If you just follow the instructions from Laurie or any of the other trainers, things will happen and you will make changes. The knowledge that these guys have is huge and if they don’t know the answers to something rather than just making something up they will go away and research to come up with the solution for you whether its competitive bodybuilding, muscle building, that holiday bikini body or just general fat loss you are after these are the guys that you need to see.

Paul Dillon

Age; 49

Self employed haulage company


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