Who & what’s right?


With so many nutrition & training styles out there who’s to know what is the best way to train?


Lets for example just take the nutrition element alone


There s a whole host of differing nutrition strategies to choose from


Nutrient timing,

Balanced dieting,

keto genic,


Carb cycling

Calories cycling

Fat loading


The list goes on...


Like I said theses are just some of the diets and strategies that are out there and available to use at your disposal.


But is it no wonder so many people are confused about training and nutrition and what to do and where to start!


And in my experience this becomes one of the biggest roadblocks before they even get started


What plan is right for me?


And how do I put this together?


Especially when there are so many variations to choose from


Putting the right plan together can seem quite daunting and over whelming at first glance.


Especially with so many Internet gurus, magazines and gym monkeys are promoting their own unique method to eat or train.


Saying it’s the ultimate system! Nothing is better!


Even the most experienced amongst us can get sucked up into the latest fad


Don’t worry I am not going to try and sell you into my system


I just am going to give you my opinion,


Which may surprise you


Almost everything works to a certain degree


I think that most nutrition methods and training styles all have their use at one time or another during a persons yearly training cycle.


It’s just figuring out where to start, what to use and when to use it!


And if you cannot do that, then its time to invest in yourself and get some help


Take look at your own progress over the last few months… has anything changed?


Have you got leaner, fitter, stronger or bigger?


Be honest with yourself,


Telling your self something has changed when you’re probably just the same


Or even worse gone backwards is not goanna help in your physique goals


And secondly are the appropriate indicators of progress being measured?


If not then you are definitely kidding yourself if you answered yes to my earlier question.


Take what i am doing now for example I am training a different rep range 2-3 body parts per session, each body part twice per week, 5 session times per week and every single time a body part is coming round the exercise is changing.


But this is a planed out methodical approach to my training to try and create a completely different stimulus each and every time that I go into the gym.


The following month I will evaluate the success of the nutrition and training protocols I used


If progress is starting to slow up, I may change training method or alter the nutrition plan


Maybe do months worth of specialization training for my upper chest, shoulders, calf’s or whatever I feel is neccassary.


And guess what, I measure its effectiveness again,


Every week

Every month,

Everyday if necasary!


The point being here is that I use a variety of different training methods and tools to meet the needs of what my physique requires at that period of time


 That may mean systematically jumping from one training style to another.


Or switching to another nutrition system when the time is right


So all changes are planned around what I feel my physique needs at the time


Rather than following a set nutrition plan or style of training forever, which will only cause you to stagnate and possibly under-eat and over train.


Or just guessing and hoping for the best


So to answer the question of “who’s and what’s right?”


No one is


As long as you’re following some kind of plan that enables you to measure your progress,


Enjoying the training you’re doing and holding yourself accountable to the goals that you are looking to achieve


So don’t worry about whether this plan is better than that plan


Get started, Plan something out and adjust as you go along


Work on what’s going to get you to your end goal


And make sure that’s it is measurable


Laurie “always changing” Carr



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