Ok so the competitive bodybuilding season is upon us and every man/woman and there dog wants to throw on a posing suit and give this competing businessa go!


Or have a competition ready body for the beach


Which is great, everyone should have a goal or challenge


Its keeps us on the right path gives us something to aim for and makes us train harder and longer!


As long as these big goals are broken down into smaller chunks


However something that I am seeing at the minute is unrealistic expectation being set by coaches, training partners and the individuals themselves!


Especially when it interferes with my opinion!


Said individuals are starting to listen to the weekend mush cookie trainers down the road


Or some get ripped in two weeks diet system on the net


Why listen to that BS!


When you have paid me for my


-16 years of training experience

-130lbs of proven muscle gain (see my before and after’s)

-Multiple sub 6% body fat accomplishment

-Countless comp prep experience, titles and high placing’s

- Hours of study bodybuilding nutrition, training and supplementation!

- Thousands of pounds spent on courses


Listen to me not the guy down the road who has


Done a course of creatine,

Works in a gym massaging a few competitive athletes,

Or training partners whose tongue is the color of your ass hole!


Pisses me right of!


Any way


This week alone I have had two “competition analysis consultations” with potential clients who had been told


(Not by me)


That they are now ready to undergo a competition prep diet


Talk about setting unrealistic goals!


Guess what I had to tell them NO you’re not ready, but you need to work on




Then in a years time you’ll be where you need to be


We can help you with this or go and do it on your own and come back to me when you have improved said body parts


May sound harsh but its true


I like to be honest but constructive


The last thing I wanna do s put people on stage that just don’t cut it at the moment


Or promise lofty goals when there is no chance in the time frame there expecting


The problem is people think that losing a bunch of weight being lean with hardly any muscle  is acceptable for a physique or bikini contest ,


But in my opinion iam afraid not!


It’ll do for the beach but not for the stage!


Must of my clients have to go through a minimum of 6 month intensive offseason before they are any where near a competition prep diet.


But this does depend from person to person


I think the problem is many PTs are just jumping on the bandwagon and seeing that there is a market for comp prep and offering the service without any prior knowledge or experience.


(Piss off this is my niche…only took me 16 years to get good at it)




Any way the take home message today is find a coach that’s not goanna blow smoke up your arse


Who’s going to set you realistic challenges and goals?




Give you constructive feedback (stuff to work on)


And isn’t afraid to tell you that your not ready.


Ask yourself this question when was the last time that your coach told you that something wasn’t good enough or your not gonna be ready because your not pulling your weight. 


When did they last push you out of your comfort zone?


I bet that there isn’t many


As there to scared they will lose you as a client and you’ll run off to the weekend qualified PT down the road that will kiss your Ass! J


Just to get your hard earned cash!


So if you want no holding back truths when it comes to comp prep, losing body fat and building muscle then contact us below,


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Laurie “Prep – Xpert ” Carr


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