Yesterday I sent out a pretty blunt but true email about Fat people wanting to stay fat.


Had a mixed reaction really


Most loved it


Had a few emails back saying that they loved the simple, honest no BS message I was putting out there.


Others not so happy


Such as this dude called Pete




“Your spelling and grammar is terrible, so unprofessional how you dare send emails out like this, is beyond me!


You should be sympathizing with your audience not putting them down”


Ok Pete I appreciate your feedback!


Is it going to change my message?




I stand by what I say


Like I said at the end of my email yesterday if what I say offends you then unsubscribe from my emails.


Go find some mush cookie trainer that’s gonna praise you, blow smoke up your arse and make you feel all warm and tingly inside when you have gone and put 4lbs of fat on over a weekend binge.


I don’t reward laziness and non-compliance


That just aint my style


The problem is most coaches, PTS nutritionists are scared of losing you as clients so they butter you up, make you feel great just so you’ll book in with them next week.


All I am interested in is results


Results that can be maintained for life!


In fact last week I just sacked a client for not sticking to the plan!


I am not interested in your excuses you have either done the work or you haven’t




The problem with GRAMMAR NAZIES like Pete is theyre too busy trying to get everything perfect and never ever get anything done!


Who cares if I spell a few words wrong?


Or forget to bang a full stop at the end of a sentence


I am getting things done


Getting the message out there


Just like you should be with your muscle and fat loss goals


Don’t ponder and wonder whether your diet is right


Or if the training plan is perfect for your body type


Like I said yesterday just start!


Figure the rest out as you go along.


If you want the perfect nutrition and training plan to start with then you have to invest in yourself


That shit doesn’t come for free


Hire someone who can figure it out for you super quick




Someone like me!


Those that are ready to invest and super charge their results


Click the link below



Laurie “Carnt Spel” Carr J




Apologies for any spelling mistake


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