Not mastering the basics is the key to success in any endeavor


True story!


This is where 100% of the people I talk to who haven’t achieved their muscle or fat loss goal go wrong


And the reason s that they haven’t got what they want is normally there full of shit


And just love lieing to themselves  about the situation to make them feel better.


sorry if this offends nut i like to say iy how it is...!


Here’s what I mean


I recently had a client who asked me for a refund


You see I offer a money back guarantee if you do exactly what I tell you




I asked him why?


“Well I thought I would of lost more weight than this?”


I pulled out his accountability and tracking sheets


Well he had lost 22lbs in 3 months


Nearly every week there was a couple of unscheduled chest meals, a few missed weight sessions and the extra cardio I insisted on, had not been done!


Fair enough he said, but I feel I need to try keto dieting, or carb cycling something more advanced


I said it was a load of bollocks and that until your prepared to master the basics you will always be overweight.


So what’s going on in this guy’s head?




He wants to be FAT


Yep that’s right he wants to stay fat!


This guy is constantly telling himself a story to make him self-feel better about not doing what’s required!


How do I know this?


  1. He’s got the plan, which is basic, but now he’s not prepared to implement and do the work required.


In his mind the plan seems to simple so now he’s got to make up excuses and to do this he needs a more complex plan. Or toump on the next big thing that’s the in thing


i.e keto, carb cycling, nutrient timing, eating paper diet, eating 1 kilo brocoli at each meal diet. what ever takes your fancy, some of the above are advanced stratergies used for extreme athletes but 99.9% of you guys dont need to touch that stuff, the basic is where the results are at!!!


2. Not Tracking everything!


Most of the tracking was done for him in this case so that wasn’t really the problem it just highlighted the problems that this guy was creating for himself


3. consistancy


There was no consistacy to his work,  he was doing some work and eating some of the meals, tracking some of the metrics I told him to.


And at best he may of done it for a couple of weeks then hed tell himself another bullshit story that would put of everything for a week!


Any of this sound familiar?


Then you need to stop telling storys to justify your lack of results and just get to work.


This is the same for muscle gain or fat loss its all the same


If youa aint getting results then its gonna be 1 of the three things I described above


Keep it dead simple.


Let me simplify it for you


Fat loss or muscle gain is simple as this


Do the work

Eat more or less than you burn off for required result

Track everything

Be consistant


Simple as that!


The information is out there


You just got to be prepared to invest in yourself and implement!


Until next time


Laurie “keeping it simple “ Carr


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