Today’s email will either fire you up


Or could piss you off  - big style!


Iam about to decapitate a Unicorn and pull off a few fairy wings


Get blood on my hands!


So by now you know that I have a pretty much have a tell it how it is attitude when it comes to muscle and fat loss goals


I don’t paint pretty pictures or over hype results or goals


I am like the big bad wolf


Who will huff and poof and blow your house of bullshit and excesses down


But then help you rebuild a strong stand the test of time indestructible mind and body.


So for those of you who are living in “Never Never land” with the fairy’s and unicorns its time to wake up!


I hear it all the time


People complaining about where they’re at with they’re fat loss and muscle building goals


Its not just fitness related stuff its all walks of life










Etc. etc.


Just complaining …


never taking action which aint gonna to do jack


Sure its easy to say your gonna do something


Set goals

Write it down


Look at it every day


But never making the plan and implementing it isn’t going to get you where you wanna be!



Your responsible for your life and the route you take


Its your job to structure the life and physique you wanna have


its no one else’s fault if your not where you wanna be….




The following may really piss you off


Time for a bit of self reflection


Where now half way through the year


How much weight have you lost or muscle have you put on?


Well double it


And that’s exactly where your gonna be in another 6 months if you carry on doing the same old crap


If you don’t like it


Its time to do something different


Doing the same old stuff


Just going to get you the same old results


Change is what will keep moving you forward


So if you’re ready for some serious change


Click here


if not  and you wanna see a sample and proof of my work go here


Laurie “Big Bad Wolf” Carr




Tommorrow iam gonna tell you how the three little pigs can help you to massive muscle gains



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