Why Bother


Exhausted, pissed off, overwhelmed, terrified, drowning in a sea of negative thoughts


Feel like throwing in the towel and giving up this muscle building game.


I know with my interaction with 100s of Clients that s how they often feel when they getting nowhere with there progress




Even I feel like that


Especially during the diet phase


Your mind starts to play tricks on you


Trust me this muscle building game is definitely as much mental as physical, that why you need a good coach behind you


I am here Yes here


If you didn’t click the link why not?


Maybe you have never felt like that and are making awesome progress


That great


However if not, why not just quit, throw the towel in


All it takes is a simple fuck it! I have had enough


Why shouldn’t you just quit?


Because that’s easy


That’s what 95% of the population does


Look at them there a mess!


You don’t wanna look or continue to look like that


They just wander around, eating their cream cakes MacDonald’s KFC AND all that other fast food pre packaged shit.


Without a care in the world


So it seems


(Trust me they care about how they look their just hiding it)


Me and You Though amigo,


We aint cut out for that life of meat sweets, sugar shakes and belly aches


Where different


Where warriors


Every training session fighting a war with ourselves


Creating are perfect physiques


Battling your demons everyday, and conquering your deepest fear (ME never being a skinny 10 stoner again)


Slaying the dragons that tell you to take the easy way out


Fuck that


Want help being a warrior


Go here



Laurie “Ultimate Warrior” Carr


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