I had this one guy thought it was funny to make comment on my post and try to belittle what I was doing.


This is another “know it all Nick”


Nick wasn’t his name but that’s what I call all these meantally challenged fuckers from now on!


Any way I was advertising to people to come and learn my unique muscle building and fat burning strategies


Secrets if you like, as it’s only me that does it this way, there may be similar ways but nothing exactly the way I do it


So I had this arse hole 10 stone guy weed proberbly only been training 1 year trying to make me look a twat on a public forum!


Maybe he’s read a few flex magazine, and that qualifies him to teach me about muscle building and fat loss.


Anyway he was trying to tell me why would anyone pay you for your knowledge nothing I do is unique and anyone can do what I have done by just turning up and training hard and reading a few articles on the internet.




Anyway I shot this muther fucker down like a lead balloon, made him look a right dick.


It got me thinking that there is hundreds of thousands of these know it all fuckers out there!


And the thing is they do have knowledge and have read everything going but they have no experience and have no clue how to dissect what they’re learning and implement it! That comes from practice, experience and time.


Its now only after 16 years of hardcore training that’s I am putting myself out there to the masses


I was reading an article the other day on this very subject and it proposed that when it comes to thinking and learning stuff (KNOWLEDGE) that it’s the lowest form of cognitive behavior!


Surprised! ?


I was!


I think that this learning “knowledge “ stuff, its built into us right from school all they want us to do is learn facts & Figures remember them and then regurgitate them when exam time comes round, and that’s how we are measured and categorized.


Score high = clever clogs

Score Low = dumb fuck


And we carry this around with us for the rest of are lives


How many times have we seen it the real clever guys end up stacking shelves at Morrison’s, as they can’t apply those facts and figures


And the not so exam intelligent guys becoming super successful!


I think i am the not so clever guy but on my way to success in my field as I can apply what Ive read and learn to real world scenarios, that’s what I have done all along my muscle building career


The results prove it!


Although in moments of weakness I am still a sucker for thinking before I can do this I need to learn a little bit more about XYZ


So before you think that you need to read this book or learn that diet to build muscle or lose fat, you probably already have the knowledge to do it but just need a hand to


“Comprehend” what you know

“Analysis” the information

“Apply” the information

“Evaluate” on a regular basis

“Synthesis” a plan or create a new one depending on the outcomes


And that’s where I come in


By apply the following steps or higher forms of thinking to your training and goals


So if you look at the list below knowledge is only part of the whole process and is considered the lowest form of cognitive behavior!







Synthesis and creation of you plan


Anyway if you can’t get your head around this let me do it for you!


Thing is I have l limited spots left to work with me now so there is an application process so I can weed out the Good the bad and the ugly ;)


Interested apply here


Until next


Laurie “thinking it through” Carr



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