In the next few months I will be launching some special projects that I have been working on


In my secret lab me and my assistant Heather have been experimenting with some different formats of coaching and education


Things seem to be going pretty well


The results with my clients seem just as good as the more traditional ways of teaching muscle gain and fat loss!


Take for example the latest evaluation that I did on my client Oliver Saxon


14lb fat loss




7 lbs of muscle gain


in only 1 month


yes that’s right I said one month


it took me a all of last year to put that kind of muscle on


so if your looking for results like these then get your name down and apply asap as places are filling up fast!


But you know….there are some people that I just don’t want subscribing to my services


And that is if you…


  • want a magic wand you can wave that will bring muscle gains or fat loss via Osmosis (ie you want the results but don’t want to do the work)


  • Want super secret ninga strategies


  • Are only on intending on joining for a month then jumping on the next thing (you definitely aint muscle building minded)


  • Require your hand holding (asking me a thousand and seven questions when the plan is right there in front of you or texting me at 10.00pm at night, no thankyou!)


  • Are just kinda sorted interested in changing your physique


  • An information collector and don’t excecute for whatever reason or excuses


  • Need my attention 24/7 365days of the year
  • Think  I am expensive (its only £3-5 per day) most of you spend more of that on your daily coffee! Remember its an investment in your health and well being


  • If you think it’s a cost then your not for me


  • Tend to moan and complain (Your high maintenance)


  • Think that you already know it all and think that this gold is only for beginners


  • Expecting tons and tons of useless info that you carnt even use


Get this I don’t overfeed you, bloat you up, make it hard to move with complex strategies workout plans and fancy PT Talk


I give you what you need when you need it


Just enough so that you know that your on the right track


Anyway I would rather save you the time and the money and save me a pain in the arse


So if your one of the above its best to skip right past my services


For anyone else Bring you’re a game


Let me show you the way


apply by clicking here


speak tomoz!


Laurie “Honesty” Carr




Not trying to a arse hole just trying to be up front and honest with you


Ive had enough of the magic pill brigad that have signed up and done jack shit but blamed the diet and workouts


Err helloo… that’s the same shit I have been using over the past 16 years to put on 140lbs of muscle!


If you want muscle apply here………


Or if your cool with your physique and the progress that your not making then id prefer if you unsubscribed right now