How many times do you see this in the gym that you train in?


You know those guys that are always wearing track suit bottoms


Even in the middle of summer


When its 35 degrees


And they look like they have pissed themselves as there sweating that much in the heavy cotton bottoms


Why do they put themselves through this torture?


Because they got Johnny Bravo Syndrome


Massive upper body and no legs


They haven’t trained legs in years, if at all ever


And often have the excuses


“I carnt train legs as my trousers wont fit”


“I don’t train legs as I play football on Sundays”


“I have a bad knee and squatting will make it worse”


I have heard it all


It’s all BS and just more stories that they tell themselves to get out of training the toughest muscles in the body.


Although this is an extreme example it’s probably the most common imbalance that we see day to day


Thing is we can only progress as fast as are slowest component


So we need to make sure all of our physique is trained equally


Upper body to lower body


Right side to left side


Internal function of the bodily systems to to external physical well-being


And the deep stabilizer muscles to the superficial muscles


The body must be in balance to make maximum consistent gains over long periods of time.


This is one of the mistakes that I see many trainees of all experience levels doing


abd its such an easy fix


if your ego will let you


When taking on a new client this is one of the first thongs that we address


We make sure everything is in balance


As i explain weak links are always going to be a factor and will hold you back


The same is true in any aspect of your life


Be it


Family, your mind set and business


If something is out of whack then it’s going to limit your success in any endeavor


So your need to come up with a plan of attack


The same holds true for your body


And it just so happens that I have the solution


Youll find it here


Weak core, weak rotators, weak low back, weak triceps, sluggish digestion, poor diet, not started to train legs?


If anything is out of sync you will simply never achieve a strong healthy balanced physique.


Like I said earlier the good news is it’s easy to fix


Just takes a bit of determination, knowledge and effort


Ill takes care of the knowledge part if you can do the rest


click here for the solution


Until next time


Laurie “Easy fix” Carr