Apart from walking like a baby giraffe for a few days after leg day the results have been awesome


Here goes


Barbells back Squats 5  x  8 reps 4010 tempo


Giant set


Hack squat with added resistance band  8 reps 4010

Leg Extensions 12 reps 3010

Seated Leg Curl 8 Reps 4010

Stiff legged deadlifts 12 reps 3010


Above giant set done 5 times with 3 minute rest between each circuit


Next superset


Wide stance Leg press 4 x 12

Reverse Hyperextension (Glute emphasis) 4 x 12




Leg extensions 3x     FST7x7


Seated Calf Raise 4 x 20

Standing Calf raise 4 x 8


There you have it give it a go if you dare


Stick to the tempos it make a massive difference




Until tomorrow


Laurie “Baby Giraffe” Carr


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