Burn Fat and Build Muscle using Lactic Training!


Entrepreneurs, office workers and business owners: pay attention. Try this great new workout for shredding a tonne of body fat & maximizing muscle gain, tired of not having the time to get to the gym? Are the programs your current trainers are giving you are taking too long? Tired of doing endless hours of cardio with minimal effect on that fat you have been trying to shift for years? Maybe you have lost that weight but now look like a smaller baggy version of yourself (plastic bag syndrome) or your maybe at the other end you know that there is muscle there but just can’t get that layer of fat off (never-been-in-shape meat head syndrome)!

Well I am introducing you to a new technique that I have learnt & been implementing for the last year on my personal one to one clients with these very same issues. Because of its high intensity and huge volume in a short space of time using weights, you will find that it’s 10x more effective than any cardio class/session while still giving you that strong powerful feeling of being able to lift weights.


As long as you are following a structured balanced diet that will support your workout needs then this program will give you unbelievable results, and I am giving you this workout for FREE!


Introducing to you: Lactic Training!

Lactic style training is probably one of my favorite phases of training I employ for my clients and myself. This type of training can truly boast a huge fat burning potential whilst building generous amounts of muscle at the same time. The other upside to this training style is that it can be done in a very short space of time (15-45 minutes) so it’s definitely one you can do in your lunch hour or early morning if you’re stuck for time. So it’s the perfect solution for the busy professional who wants to stay in shape build muscle and burn body fat all in one go.

So what is lactic training? What are the guidelines and best practices when putting a program together? Firstly this type of training can be extremely painful when performed properly due to the massive amounts of blood lactic acid build up that occurs.


Firstly we need to design a program with minimal rest periods between exercises, so 6 RM with a 3 minute rest vs. 6 RM with a 1 minute rest will result in huge difference in the hormonal response and adaptations. So the shorter the rest periods the better the GH response.  In contrast the longer the rest periods between exercises the lower the GH response.

So the ideal intensifier technique to create this response would be to implement a giant set (giant set = 4 exercise’s that are performed back to back the only time there is any rest is moving from one exercise to the next.)

Secondly we need to make sure that there is enough volume during the session so this would come through manipulation of the number of repetitions performed during the whole of the giant set. Research also confirms for maximal hormonal adaptations to occur there needs to be significant resistance involved during the sessions. So not maximal Repetition Maximum i.e. 80% of 1RM, but something along the lines of 95-100% of your 6-8RM.

So far we know that…


High Volume + Heavy resistance work + Short rest periods = Hormonal adaptations (increased blood lactate resulting in greater surges ofGH) and the end result being greater muscle mass and fat burning.


So enough of the technical/scientific jargon here’s how we would construct the program taking the above into consideration for a 6 week period. I’ll explain the progressions and steps to take week by week.


Week 1

This first week we are going to do just 2 rounds of the giant set. We are being smart with the program design by putting the big lifts first the ones that require multiple muscles to perform the exercises, these lifts coupled with having no rest between exercises will stimulate the biggest lactate/GH response. The 3 minute rest period is advised between giant sets to enable full recovery and also helps not to spike cortisol too much which would inhibit long term muscle gain as testosterone and IFG-1 are not elevated with short rests very important hormones for muscle gain and fat loss.



Week 2

- Increase the giant sets to 3 rounds, your ability to recover between sets should have improved significantly since week 1


Week 3

- Increase the giant sets to 4 rounds



Week 4

- Drop the number of rounds to 2 but increase the weight by 5-10% depending on the muscle that you are training



Week 5

- If you have time during the workout, an extra 8 minutes, insert another compound lift at the beginning of the session, only on the first body part.

- Increase the number of giant set rounds to 3



Week 6

- Increase the number of giant set rounds to 4



I’d recommend doing this program as part of your structured plan for the whole of the year, at maximum I would implement this type of training for 6 weeks, 2 times per year then move on to your next phase of weights.


For any further details about training types and what types of training we offer then feel free to contact us!

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