What the Hell are carpet arms I hear you ask!


Patience my little gym monkey we will get to that later in the email


So a few weeks ago I gave you guys a free workout


Giant sets for arms


A few of you guys tried it and said that the pump was insane and that it was one of the best arm workouts you had tried for sometime


As I said before giant sets is one of my all time favorite methods of training.




I had a few emails back the following days asking if giant sets where all that effective for building muscle


The general consensus or concern was that due to the high volume and minimal rest between exercise’s strength levels would decrease rapidly thereby not being able to lift sufficient weight to stimulate muscle growth.


Fear not


Those of you that are in the know or have been keeping up with my free info know that there are more ways to stimulate muscle growth than just pounding out heavy ass weights all year long


With the above approach Most of you will be used to hitting those fast twitch muscle fibers, targeting your anaerobic energy system and stimulating the high threshold motor units


Otherwise known as myofibrllar hypertrophy


This training is great and it’s what most people enjoy doing


Lifting heavy, screaming and shouting the gym down and acting like king Kong in the gym when they have just done a 150 kg bench


Then immediately out come the imaginary carpets under each arm and a little waddle around the gym cos they have just done a big lift.


That’s carpet arms or more commonly known as imaginary Lat syndrome


You know who you are J




How about trying to stimulate muscle growth at the other end of the spectrum



It might not look as impressive to all the gorillas in the gym but trust me most of them will be outside spewing there guts up after this workout


And remember


If you train the muscle in all styles of training through a periodised plan surely more growth will be experienced


Fewer injuries will occur


Meaning more time in the gym


Meaning more muscle growth


Win win situation


Anyway enough of the talking here’s the workout



Bike 10minutes

3 sets leg extensions 20 reps


Giant sets x 2-5 (starting at  2 sets every week add a set until up to 5 sets)

Hack squat narrow stance 6 reps

Hack squats wide stance 6 reps

Neutral stance leg press 12 reps

Plyometric Lunges 20 reps


Week 3-4 add in

FST 7 Leg extensions x3


Now I know what your thinking


It looks easy


Give it a go then tell me it’s easy


What you’ll experience from this type of workout out


Unbelievable pumps

Massive build up in lactic acid resulting in huge surges of anabolic muscle building hormones

Working the body aerobically

Plenty of screaming

No imaginary carpet under the arms, youll be to busy laid on the floor crying

Sarcoplasmic muscle growth

Greater rate of body fat being used


There you have it


I have been utilizing this rep and set system on all body parts over the last 2 weeks and experienced a significant reduction in body fat and an increase in my overall body weight.


It doesn’t get better than that


Proof that hitting different muscle fibers and energy systems can simulate new gains


Laurie “Giant set” Carr




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