Cheating for Muscular Gains


Cheating I hear you say!


Yes cheating with your food can be beneficial if done right.


This topic is one area that I get asked about all of the time


When to use?


How often?


How much?


And what to have as a cheat meal?


The list goes on but these are the most common questions.


Ever since 2008 when I placed 2nd in the NABBA Universe I’ve been a huge advocate of cheat meals, they keep you mentally sane and charge you up ready for the next few days of dieting.


Before 2008 I used to diet straight through for twelve weeks without a single sniff of any cheat food




I can honestly say that cheating keeps you nice and full and speeds up the fat loss.


There are no set rules for when and what to cheat with but some basic guidelines here for you to follow


Remember everyone is different so adjust accordingly


  1. Do not justify eating a cheat meal if your body doesn’t need it


If your carry quite a lot of excess fat then forget about the cheat meals, there will be no benefit here for you to have one.


If you’re dieting correctly you should be still on quite a few calories anyway so you don’t need one!


  1. Do not binge!


Some people try to eat too much in one sitting making themselves ill and causing digestive distress, resulting in too many trips to the toilet!


Others turn a cheat meal into a cheat day, eating all sorts of rubbish all day, do not do this it’s not necessary!


  1. Try to use the cheat meal as a way to kick-start the metabolism! After a few hard weeks of dieting and exercise, hormonal adaption occurs everything begins to slow down, fat loss almost stops, this is the ideal time to throw in a cheat meal.

Doing this periodically can speed up fat loss but this does vary from person to person.


A good sign the re-feed has worked is the next day you will be noticeably fuller and hungrier when going back to your baseline diet.


  1. What to have?


I like to advice my clients to go for something that your body can use for building muscle


Quality food


If you’re having your cheat meal at McDonalds or Burger King you need to have a word with yourself.


Get into a quality restaurant or start cooking your own food


A favourite of mine is


Homemade oven chips

100% Beef burgers


All the toppings


And homemade peanut butter cheesecake


All Gluten free of course


So there you have just a quick guideline for cheat meals


Keep an eye out for our weekly newsletter that has cheat food ideas or our recipe section on Performance PT Website


Laurie “Cheat to get big” Carr


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