So its 4 days until the British finals


And to be honest with ya, I was feeling pretty good


Well that was until I had some random Old Dude stop me in the car park behind my supplement shop and tell me I looked like a small rugby player!!!


I smiled and laughed and said thanks for the nice comment, but secretly inside I wanted to rip his head off and ask him how many 19 stone 4% rugby players he knows


And now I’ve been questioning my size and condition for the past 3 hrs.


With only 4 days to go before the finals it’s not a good thing to be doing


At this stage of the game my mind is pretty fragile and it won’t take much for me to start wondering if I am where I need to be in terms of size and condition.


I know some of you will be thinking "how can you feel like that you're


19stone and 4% body fat"


Well if you're really committed to your discipline it don’t matter what level your at


You will always question whether what your doing is right for maximum results


That’s why I feel its so important to have the guidance of a coach so you can bounce ideas off and get a true opinion of what action you need to take


And not just make rash decisions cos of some random uneducated comment off someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.


Ye that’s right I had to give my coach a call to put my mind at ease!!!


Any way…


I remember when I did the Mr. Universe back in 2008


3 days before the show some guy in the gym went


“Bloody hell you have lost some weight, you look more like a marathon runner not a body builder”


Can you imagine the effect that this had on me?


Anyway he changed his tune when I strip my clothes off to practice my posing routine


I was a shredded 17 ½ stone and came 2nd in the 2008 Mr. Universe


These ransoms just don’t get it


Neither do some guys who have been training for years


And it’s often those big fat meatheads who have never attempted a diet and start to panic when they lose a pound or two


Sad really


Train hard all year but look like a fat sack of shit all year, doesn’t seem to make sense to me


But for some reason when you try to help them it just doesn’t sink in


They think that your doing something that no one knows about and your not prepared to tell them


Keeping it all the secrets for yourself


Well Im sorry to say if your reading this and expecting me to reveal that secret then your gonna be disappointed


There is no secret


Its not found in a tub of protein

Bottle of chemicals

Magic exercise regime

New diet strategy


Or any other miracle that you could think up


It comes down to


Correct training techniques

Balanced nutrition

Supplementation where needed

Required rest and recovery

And fitting all these elements together like jigsaw puzzle


And not just learning this stuff but taking Action


And more importantly being consistent!




If you want to learn how to get a 19stone ripped muscular 4% body fat and are prepared to commit the time effort


Then you can contact me here


If not and you wanna be a beach body type of guy


Then no problem


I can still help you get a good beach body physique but the same commitment is required if you wanna be good





Until tomorrow


Laurie “easily offended” Carr




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