Fasted cardio....something that again often get brought up in conversation at the shop

Is it the best option?


For many years fasted cardio has been a staple of many bodybuilders regime when it comes to fat loss! (Of course alongside correct nutrition, weight training and supplementation)

And the proof is in the pudding, it obviously works!

What’s stance on the matter?

Don’t get me wrong, there are many variables and exceptions to the rule! One thing might work better for a certain person than another; however generally speaking this is our favoured approach to fat loss!

Doing cardio fasted allows muscle glycogen levels to be low and fat can be more easily utilised for energy therefore burning more fat!

BCAA’s and L-glutamine can be used prior to fasted cardio to help prevent muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown), this is something we suggest you do!

The last thing we want to be doing is burning away hard earned muscle whilst doing cardio!

In terms of duration and frequency during the week, this is dependent on your individual goals, body composition and timescales.


One thing we will tell you!

Don’t start your cardio regime doing too much!

If you are doing an hour twice a day, then when your progress stalls and you plateau it’s going to be hard to increase the amount and keep your cardio regime progressing!

Start small, maybe even a couple 20 min sessions a week! Can always add more in as an when is needed!

But like I said earlier, everybody is different! There is no right or wrong here!