Fish oil article


What are fish oil’s?

Fish oil is a form of fatty acid derived from the tissue of fatty or oily fish such as trout, mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines, and salmon. Fish oils are ripe in omega 3 fatty acids; EPA and DHA. Apart from omega-3 fatty acids, oily fish are also good sources of vitamins A and D.  Bodybuilders and physique athletes find fish oil intriguing due to potential body composition benefits, but almost anyone looking to support overall health may be interested in the fats from fish oil.


Benefits of using a fish oil:

Fish oils are said to have several health benefits if they are included in a human diet, including:  

  • Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Help prevent muscle break down
  • Lubricating and enhancing joint recovery
  • Improving brain function
  • Improved fat loss


When + what to use:

Different fish oil supplements have different concentrations of EPA and DHA. In order to gain the body composition and muscle metabolic benefits of these two fatty acids, make sure you consume around 2-4g of EPA & DHA combined every day. There are some studies that say taking fish oil with each meal will enhance the anabolic response of each meal, also having the fish oil with a meal may increase the uptake of the omega 3 acids, and however this has not been proven.


What and when I personally use:

My supplement regime is strict and structured, including wake up, pre, intra, post workout and then before bed. I supplement with fish oils upon waking, dosing with 4000mg pure fish oil. I use upon waking because I believe that taking on a empty stomach best helps the digestion and absorption of the omega 3 acids. Also I take fish oil with my big carb meal and lunch time. My diet also includes oily fish in the form of salmon which adds to the omega 3 levels I’m already getting from the supplements.


Performance Foods Advisor

Niall Dexter