What is Glutamine?

    Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in our muscles and over 61% of skeletal muscle (muscle which is connected to the skeleton) is made up of Glutamine. It consists of 19% nitrogen so therefore is our primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle cells.






What are the Benefits of Glutamine?

    This essential amino acid plays a dominant role in protein synthesis (the name given to the process which constructs proteins) and it has been proven to minimize catabolism (muscular breakdown). With the aid of Glutamine, our bodies are able to increase the amount of growth hormone released which helps to metabolise body fat and supports the growth of new muscle tissue. When cutting it’s useful as it minimises loss of muscle mass whilst still trimming body fat. Other useful additions are its positive effect on the immune system and that it helps our cells maintain volume and hydration.


When do I use it and how much do I use?

   If you’re an athlete or training hard for a specific event or body goal then it’s recommended that you take 10-15g of glutamine supplement at 2-3 intervals throughout the day. Splitting the dosage allows you to maintain a more constant level rather than letting it fluctuate. I find that the best times to take it are: in the morning; before or after a workout and before bed.


  Glutamine is especially important for bodybuilders but it’s beneficial for anyone who’s training. Personally, I use 5g pre workout to prevent my glutamine levels from dropping to a point where it’s detrimental to my work out and allows catabolism to start and then after my workout to regenerate my natural levels of Glutamine and help recovery.