Return of the Grammar Nazis!


Yes that’s right the grammar Nazis have been at it again


“What’s with all the slang in your emails, did you go to school?’




“Your spelling is shocking”


The truth is I don’t give a fly fucktard




As there’s a method to my madness ;)


Trying to get every last little detail right is the reason why most people don’t get what they want in life


Worrying about the tiny details or imperfections is just something that insecure folk use to cover up their fears of what people may think of them.


Same as professionalism


Professionalism is just bullshit that stops people being themselves and getting shit done


All that matters is getting the job done and working on it and being a little bit better every day!


Let me expaineth


I write this way cos people read, talk and behave in this way


If you read some nice professional email article from me


Spelling free


No slang


No swearing


Chances are you’d be bored out of your mind and only read the first couple of lines


Plus that isn’t me


If I did write all posh and stuff


Then when you meet me you’d be like


Who the fuck is this guy?


He’s been lieing to me all this time


Trust is gone from the get go


This fellas a lieing ass hole.


With me you get what you see, hear or in this case read



Ok I hear you saying what’s this got to do with getting ripped and muscular


That’s simple


Stop worry about the details


Just be consistent and get the job done


If you try to be perfect from the get go, you’ll not get anywhere


Do you think my exercise technique was perfect from the beginning?




I worked on it


Every single day I was in the gym


Did I have the perfect diet from the start?


No I work on it and evolved it every single day


So if your one of these peeps whose picking holes in every single aspect of your life





Perfect diet

Perfect nutrition plan

Perfect working day

Perfect holiday

Perfect lifestyle

Perfect time to do any thing


Just chill out


And work on it as you go along


And the results will come


If not and you continue to look for the perfect what ever, I guarantee you’ll be in exactly the same position as you are now.


Here’s a quick diagram showing you the road to success


What people think it looks like


What it actually looks like



Until tomorrow


Laurie “Loves slang” Carr




Thanks to all the emails everyone keeps sending back to me positive or negative, I really appreciate it.


Yes i even like it when the grammer Nazies email me :)




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