Something I wanna touch on today and I have talked about before is the over analyzation of training and nutrition


Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the science of bodybuilding training and nutrition.


Everywhere you look people are claiming this is the best way to train


 Or eat this way it’s the only way.


Sure there are different approach’s and everyone has there reasons for promoting certain methodologies


And for the most part they are legit and yield some impressive results


But while we are all getting lost in strategy


 We seem to of forgotten about the most important of things


And in my opinion, the key to success…




Whether this is with nutrition or training


It’s my belief that this is more important than what eating strategy you use or training method is done


You just gotta get in the gym train your balls off


And make sure your eating consistency


Sure the strategy is important


Its good t be following some kind of plan


But without doing it on a regular basis


Your buggered


Consistency is the number 1 factor


and that’s what everyone seems to be forgetting


Of course I have a whole host of tools strategy’s and training mythologies that I use depending on the clients needs


Personally Iam a big fan of


Nutrient timing

Carb cycling

Giant sets

Drops sets

Steady state cardio


But these are just strategies to be used as and when required.


All these things are great and can be adaptable to the person




Without consistency no strategy in the world will make up for your lack of progress


Maybe take a step back and ask yourself


Are you guilty of looking for the next big workout or the latest eating plan


Do you wonder what the shredded big guys in the gym are doing different than you?


Well ill tell you now its nothing special


Yes you guessed it




That’s the only difference between you and them


Not genetics

Not Drugs

Not The next big diet plan

Not the secret Training method

Not some overly priced supplements


Just there perseverance to sticking to whatever plan has been formulated


Then taking action!




Tomorrow I am going to send over the leg workout that I have been doing for the last 4 weeks


And seeing some massive improvements


Give it a go if you dare


Until tomorrow


Laurie “consistently giving away secrets” Carr


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