Hey guys


Super quick tip today


One of the key mistakes that I see beginners and experienced trainers doing is lifting way to heavy


Now heavy lifting has its place and is part of bodybuilding


For example strength-building phases should a part of any good hypertrophy program.


But what I see sometimes is just ridiculous


Often when I take on new clients I like to watch them train without them knowing it, as that’s when all the super bad habits come out


And what I find is that the muscle groups that they are having trouble with bringing up are the ones that they are not activating properly resulting from


1. Poor posture, 

2. Poor technique/lack of isolation of the working muscle,

3. Ineffective range of motion (to much or to little),

4. Lack of tension throughout the movement.

5. Initiating the movement with the wrong muscle group

6. Not working the muscle through all points of the strength curve

7. Lack of continuous tempo


All equating to an inadequate amount of volume for the working muscle


In my opinion volume being the most effective variable for growing muscle tissue.


So without the above 7 points being in place it does not matter how long you train in the gym how much frequency you train a muscle group per week, or how much exerted effort/intensity you give each workout, you just isn’t giving that working muscle the volume needed to be stimulated to grow.


So before pushing up those weights makes sure that these 7 keys to exercise are in place


Then everything else will follow


You can begin to work on progressive (stimulus)


Increased Reps (Hormonal responses for hypertrophy)

Increased weight/Intensity

Increased intensity/effort

Increased frequency

Increased density


And most effectively my humble but always correct opinion increased volume


Over the next few days I am going to cover each of the 7 keys to performing exercises in more detail with the example of everybody’s favorite exercise the Flat bench press.


In-between I may throw one of my usual rants if something pops up


just to mix it up a bit.


Then I will go into more detail about what I consider to be the key hypertrophy models that we should be alternating through.


Until tomorrow


Laure “knows his shit” Carr


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