Just a quick email for you guys today




Cos I’ve been up since 3,00am


And i am knackered


But just can’t sleep


Bodies in turmoil


Hormones all over the place


Blood sugar super low so my body’s waking me up to feed!



But got to resist


So iam super tired but just can’t sleep


However only 9 weeks left of this unless I decide to do the amateur Olympia so that will add an extra 3 weeks to this torture


Anyhow shouldn’t moan it’s my choice just got to dig in and grind it out.


Positive side is half of todays work is done already


Cardio done at 3,00am


Rest day from the weights


And no clients to punish today


Just working on my new online programs for you guys who cannot make it for 1-1 PTs!


After that


All I have to do is eat and try to sleep ;(




Anyway back to the grind


Talking of grinding it out


I am going to hook you up with this new workout


we did this last week


It’ll make your eyes water


Warm up bike 10minutes


Leg extensions 4 sets 15 reps last set triple drop set


Bulgarian lunges 4 sets 15 sets


Leg press 8 sets 8 reps last 4 sets triple drop sets (ouch)


Deficit lunges 4 sets 6 reps each leg


Dumbbell squats, heels elevated 3 sets 20 reps


And just for good measure


Leg extensions 1 set 150 reps


Then limp home


Oh yeah almost forgot every exercise is done with a 3010 tempo


Give it a try


My legs are still in pain from Wednesdays session


Anyhow speak laters


Laurie “insomnia” Carr




I sent everyone a survey earlier in the week about stuff you want me to talk about and things that need to be included in my new online trainings


If you haven’t filled it in


I d appreciate it if you did


Just so I can serve you better


If you’re ready for your physique and fitness diagnostic consultation then apply HERE!


If not, you can download Laurie Carr’s first free e-book HERE!