This is something that I get ask all the time


Should I be taking a mass shake to accelerate the muscle gaining process?


And usually my answer would be




But wont the extra calories help me stack on a ton of weight


Sure will if your rest of diet is in check


And will probably make your waist wider than your shoulders


Which is not a good look!


Sure there are some decent quality products out there but they are few and far between


And should only be used when absolutely necessary!


When used incorrectly this stuff will make you fat


There’s no doubt about it!


Fat fat fat!!!


And probably set you on the path to insulin resistance and diabetes


Not to mention increased aromatization (testosterone into estrogen)


Meaning you’ll be wearing a size double D Bra before the years out!


Like I said before they need to be used in special situations and circumstances


If your are a special case


I would consider making your own


As most of the stuff on the market is full of shit!


Choose a good


Quality whey protein powder product


Peanut butter



Dried fruit


And you will be able to make a much better version of a weight gainer


The list goes on with what you can do if you get a bit creative


Until next time!


Laurie “Mass Monster” Carr




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