I wanted to enter a fitness competition and knew that I would need help with the training and diet! So I approached Laurie as I was aware he had trained people before and had a lot of experience in this area.
In 11 weeks I have lost nearly 6kg, 3.5” from my hips, 1” from my waist and 1” from my neck (!). I have more confidence in the gym and have gained some more knowledge around the diet/nutrition/supplement side. This is mostly from asking Laurie a lot of questions who has patiently answered each and every one
liked the fact I had a clear plan to follow and Laurie was available for any questions re workouts and diet/nutrition. Also, the fact the plan was made to suit my individual needs and based on what I was wanting to achieve.


What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?
Do it! Having someone with that amount of experience advising and helping you throughout has helped and I now have far more confidence in myself and know it is achievable.
My view is Laurie is very approachable and answered all questions/queries I had, I started out with very limited knowledge, particularly around supplements.

Nicky Hill