Its not Big and its not Clever
Is what i told a couple of clients last week


So these clients thought it would be ok to come of schedule with there diet plans this weekend


I think it was the sun was out and wanted to sit in the beer garden


Yes you know who you are!


And they got totally trollyed in the process although they tried to hide it!


But i spys everywhere...


It wont make any difference they thought


Well they thought wrong!


Monday morning came round


And the aftermath began


The consequences of there actions where about to be revelaed


Missed workouts, missed meals, weight gain and weight loss


All the dead opposite of what was supposed to be happenening for these clients


Only person to blame


Not the coach

Not the diet

Not the workouts

Not the dog eating the cat


None of them bullshit excusses


But only themselves


But hey these things happen


As long as they learn and accept why things aint moving in the direction they want


then all is kinda good


Main thing is that there back on it now


Back in full swing


Burning fat


And building Muscle


The main take home point from todays email although short


Is that its ok to not be 100% perfect with nutrition and training all of the time


Except if you’re getting ready for a show


We all have other things going on in our lives and things do crop up


But like I said before as long as you can identify why progress has stalled and not lie to yourself or your coach


You can wipe the slate clean


Start again


Identify your trigger for your poor decisions


Accept your fuck up and take responsibility for the lack of results


Then get back to some consistency


Then all is ok


oh except you will get beasted into the ground next time you train with me


Laurie “Not Mr Perfect” Carr




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