Whats your Nutrition & Training Level?

Yesterday I talk about the importance of being organized & prepared

Today as promised we're going to look at your nutrition level /age,

 So why is it important to know your nutritional age/level?

Well your training and nutritional plan needs to match your nutritional age/level

This is important to know so that you can match what you're doing now and see if

it aligns with the goals that you are trying to achieve.

Just think back to how many times have you started a plan only to have it fall

apart after a week, missing training sessions & making irrational eating decisions

soon as the weekend hits?

This happens all the time!

People taking on a plan that’s far too advanced for them, all the best intentions in

the world don’t mean jack if the appropriate level/age for the users isn’t correct.

So how do you find your nutritional level age

Fining your nutritional age is a combination of three things

1. What you know

2. What you do

3. What you do consistently

Basically the more skilled accurate and adherent your are the higher your

nutritional age. The loftier your body transformation goals (e.g. achieving

athletic level body fat percentages the higher your nutritional age needs to be.)

I basically divide my clients into 4 nutritional levels/age

Level 1

50%-80% adherence

This is "everyday person" level. You just wish to lose weight and get into better

shape. In essence, this is where 90% of our clients tend to be.

Level 1 doesn't require super complicated custom diet plans in order to make

incredible progress or make "wow" types of changes. In reality, following a super

complicated meal plan like the kind that athletes might use could actually be the worst

thing for you to take on.

Everyone essentially starts at Level 1 and a lot of people choose to stay there for

good. Your focus is on doing enough of the basics right to get good results while

leaving the hassle of complicated diets and time consuming stuff to the people whose

pay check depends on using their body (like athletes or models).

As a Level 1 your focus need to be to get good at doing the basic regularly and


This means focusing on the big picture and the essential behaviours we teach you, not

the small details. Continuously focusing on getting those basics done rather than

perfect is what will allow you to see dramatic results without having to completely

reshuffle your life around eating.

Within the next few months we will be releasing a program dedicated solely for these

types the clients, fully online automated and easy to follow with the chance to

upgrade to one on one coaching and personal training for those that need that extra


Level 2

Level 2 nutritional age is the "recreational athlete"

80% Adherence

As a Level 2 you're most likely a dedicated recreational exerciser who already has a

good handle on the basics. Chances are this isn't you if you're like the 90% of clients

we work with. But even if it is, you still don't need a super complicated, custom diet

to have incredible success.

Most Personal Trainers tend to fall into the Level 2 category.

As a Level 2 you need to reinforce the basics you already know, work to keep them

more consistent and add a few simple strategies like fine tuning your portion sizes and

meal times.

The program that we are designing at the moment (Basic Lifestyle and training) is

designed with Level 1s and 2s in mind. It will cover all of the basics Level 1s need to

know while helping Level 2s reinforce and practice the basics.

Level 3

95% Adherence

Is the high performance exerciser who has a good handle on the basic concepts of

nutrition and understands that setting good consistent habits is the key to great


Level 3 also love set custom meal plans to follow and have no issue with sticking to

them 90-95% of the time, they live by calories and macros and feel more at ease

weighing there food out rather than taking an educated guess.

With the level 3 nutritional age it is no problem for the coach to employ advanced

nutritional strategies such as carb cycling, and intermittent fasting.

Levels 3s love the challenge and discipline required to achieve singe digit body fat


The most important thing to be considered a level 3 can you be consistent with a strict

meal plan and not stop and start as soon as the weekend arrives. If you cannot you

need to look back at level 2

Again in the next few months we will be releasing are advanced lifestyle & Training

program which is designed for the level 3 type client and those at the level 2 stage

willing to take there physique to the next level

Level 4

This is similar to level 3 but this is the level for professional performance and

physique athletes.

100% adherence is required here!

At this level it is essentially your job to exercise and have your body look and

perform a certain way hence the high need for advanced customization and


Level 4 is way beyond the scope of most people

To be honest most will never need to undergo level 4 nutrition and coaching to

achieve the physique that they want however if you feel that this is you please

talk to us about advanced customization and coaching

So there you have my four levels of nutrition and training

I have summarized all of the above in a table so it may be easier for

you to see where you are

What ever your weakest component is of that level use that as your overall

nutrition level/age

Remember you’re only as good as your weakest link.

So if your cooking knowledge is a level 2 but you can stick to a level 3-type plan,

you’re still a level 2

Until Tomorrow

Laurie “Level 4” Carr