Just a quick email today


Something that’s come to my attention just lately with a lot of the new clients hat I have been taken on.


Many of them just cannot believe the quantity of food that has to be consumed in order to lose body fat and gain lean muscle tissue


For example an average woman weighing 150lbs that wants to lose body fat who is petty sedentary will need approx.  1800 calories as a starting baseline to there diet.


160g proteins

110g carbs

90g fats



Most of them would still lose fat and gain lean muscle at this number if selecting the right foods!


This number would then be further split up into the relevant macronutrients over 5 or 6 meals.


26g protein

18g carbs

15g fats


At each meal


The response I often get


“5 or 6 meals”?


How the hell I am supposed to eat and cook 5 or 6 meals”? 


I think that these clients have been coming from the mush cookie trainers who know only 1 method of dieting clients down


Which is usually a zero carb / ketogenic diet


That’s normally the first port of call for most trainers


Probably due to their lack of understanding of how the bodies delegate hormonal systems work when it comes to nutrition


People just carnt believe they need to eat 5 or 6 meals,


The number 1 excess


And how can anyone possibly find time to eat and cook all that food


Well the key is to get organized


Preparation is key


As the old saying goes


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail


If you think your gonna wing it over the course of the day prepping before each meal then your doomed to failure before you even start


What if something comes up and you have to rush off somewhere


I get all my guys to at least prep all their food for that day the night before of the morning of the day


This is the very least that you should be doing


I personally like to do 2 days at a time


This just gives me one day where I don’t have to think about cooking


Your can do more days but the food can become stale especially the proteins sources


The other thing you have to do is become a master of managing your time


One simple tool for this is to get used to using your calendar on your phone


And block out 15minutes every 2-3 hrs. of your day on the calendar


You can even set it so that an alarm goes of warning you ten minutes before your food time


Now I know what you’re thinking that this is all a bit extreme


But that all depends on your nutrition level/age and what kind of results that you want to achieve.


Maybe if you’re just after losing a few pounds and feeling better you wont have to go to this extent


But if your after that cover model look then its time to get prepped & organized!


Tomorrow iam gonna talk about nutrition levels so you can decided where you are on the scale and see if it match’s your goals if not then you’ll have to do some adjustments to your plan


Assuming you have one


Or come and get me to do it for you


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Until tomorrow


Laurie “fail to Prepare, Prepare to fail” Carr


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