What’s going down?- part 2

Reflection after the British and Blue Print moving forward

Part 1

Today’s my first day back into my routine after the British finals, feels a bit strange and the disappointment of placing 3rd in my class is starting to hit, but will talk more about that later.

However Yesterday (Day after the Comp) was great! We lay in bed until 8.00am, which is late for me, had a huge breakfast in the hotel, and just chilled out around Nottingham eating too much food, and  I didn’t think about bodybuilding or work at all. 

But today i am back on it! Got up at 5.00am, had a good clean breakfast (steak and avocado) then sat down to think about the way forward and preparation for next year’s British. So first things first I will try and gain some feedback from the judges and take a look at the photos, videos etc from the day to see if I can determine what’s held me back from the title? I felt I bought my best ever to the stage and I know there was absolutely no more I could have done for this year. So now I just need to focus on what’s let me down and fix these problems for next year.

From the feedback through various social media sights I’ve seen all sorts of comments, that I’d spilled over during curbing up, not dry enough, and my favourite, stomach distention.  I’ll reviews all of the above once the DVD is available and make my own validation then and implement a plan of corrections where needed. 

So what needs improving? In my opinion and from the feedback of my coach and trusted acquaintances.

  1. More thickness through the front of my torso (upper chest and shoulders), still need more width and thickness due to my height.
  2. More detail through the oblique’s ( more work on the core aspects transverse abdominal and internal oblique’s  if the stomach isn’t being controlled during posing, however with a 30inch waist I can’t see that being a big issue?!)
  3. Better development of the glutes, although these where striated I feel personally more development is needed in this area
  4. Improve Outer quad sweep especially lower lateral head
  5. Keep smashing the calves, being 6 foot 2 I need at least a 23inch calve
  6. Achieving all of the above while maintaining a small tight waist
  7. Bring the condition in even more I was the heaviest guy on the stage by 5kg so I have a bit of room to play with but I have to keep that full look with being so tall. I will aim to put on 3 kg of muscle in the right places this next year and come in tighter.

So my prelimemanary blue print for achieving these goals over the next 12 months is as follows

  1. 12 weeks down time,

-          Get some quality family time, especially with a baby on the way!

-           let the body recover and heal

-          Get some focus back and fire in the belly ready to attack next year

-          Give me chance to work on business and making money, Bodybuilding is expensive!

-          Train only 3 days per week probably push, pull legs system weeks 1-4 stabilisation (injury prevention) phase weeks 5-8 and then a priming fat burning metabolic phase week 9-12.

-          I will be listing all of this on my blog as I go along the phases. During this time trying to establish that mind- muscle connection particularly in the weaker body parts, this is also a chance to try out new ideas, training systems, intensifiers and exercises. There should also be a slight rebound from the diet so maybe able to capitalise on this and put a bit of lean tissue on here.

-          Maintain a body fat level of around 8-9% although this is super hard when trying to balance out the body’s natural hormonal system. I believe with the dieting technique I used in last year’s off-season where I maintained a 11% body fat throughout this should be possible. 

-          Take a total of 2-3 weeks complete rest during the 12 weeks down time

-          Get blood work done in week 11/12 make sure all is where it should be!

-          Last 10 days of the 12 weeks down time will be a full detox, this is not your traditional detox approach, it’s a lot more manageable, plenty of fruits and vegetables, organic everything, only filtered water, I will talk more about this at the time. But this stage of the recovery is to help prime the body ready for maximum growth after the 12 weeks down time.


  1. The exact order and phases of training from here on are not established yet, but just to outline this first phase after the recovery is going to be the most anabolic so as long as I have kept the body fat down this is where the best gains are going to come from so this is normally a super high intensive 6 week muscle building plan, with lots of drop sets supersets, FST7, NOS, Giant sets etc. You name it, it will be in this phase of training. But focusing on prioritizing the weaker body parts via specific exercise selection (see list above) during this phase.

Keep a look out for my intensifiers series of training videos that I will be doing along with the science of why it works.

After my last show I employed a modified version of the Dorian Yates style training for the first 6 weeks after my recovery and it worked wonders! The gains were awesome (I’ll post the workouts at some point) but as most bodybuilders do you always want more so I carried on with the system and guess what? Yep, the gains stopped.. joints became sore and I lost interest in training, felt tired all the time and didn’t want to train, I was overstrained and not getting the stimulus to the muscles that they needed.  So from that experience I have learned that 4-6 weeks is about the maximum benefit you can get out of any one type of system before a break or change is needed.

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