Something I see all over fakebook and twatter all the time and its really getting my back up at the minute


Is personal trainers/coach’s/nutritionists posting pictures of there


Perfect lives


What a load of bollocks


Talk about  


Being fake


Leading double life’s


Posting pics up of


Chicken and broccoli


Random pics with there tops of (every single day)


Motivational quotes (every 5 minutes)


My workout plan is the best plan and the only way


My supplement schedule is the best and only way


Preaching about how everybody needs to be like me if you want the perfect body


Well its all bullshit


These guys are making out they have got the perfect lives and do nothing wrong ever


Have no flexibility in their lives


And act like robots


Never come of the diet


Always hyped up and motivated


Have the perfect workout that will suit everyone


This perfect image is bollocks there only showing you a snippet of there fake life’s, rest of the time there sat at home eating cake and lucky charms with rest of us


How do I know this?




Most personal trainers are in shit shape


If they followed this perfect lifestyle


THEYED LOOK AWSOME all of the time




I can only keep up this ridged lifestyle for 16-20 weeks of comp prep until I wanna kill someone


Even then there’s times when I don’t wanna train


Don’t wanna eat the bland food


Don’t wanna do my cardio


Just like this morning it all went wrong


Went off to work and forgot my chicken and broccoli for the 3  meals I was at work


Felt like the world was gonna end


So what’s my point?


Find a coach/ PT /Nutritionist  or someone who’s lives in the real world


Someone who knows that things go wrong


And will wipe the slate clean ready to start again


Someone who has the flexibility and imagination to going to create a plan that will fit around your current lifestyle


Help you ease into good habits


Sets you realistic achievable goals


Monitors and measures your progress


Allows room for error


Shares with you there own struggles of eating and training

(Just like me forgetting my chicken and broccoli)

That way you know the person is real and not a fake Mr. Perfect wanna be


Hope this helps when choosing your next coach


Until tomorrow


Laurie “Sometimes Eats cake” Carr




Check out my nutrition and training age chart here


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Gives you an idea of what I expect from my different type of clients


Here you can see that I only expect my competitive guys to be on the point 100% for short periods of time


The rest will fit into one of the other levels and still get awesome results