Yes Personal trainers are the enemy if you get it wrong


heres why...


Imagine this a guy walks into the dentistry


Sits in a chair grabs a drill and starts drilling and pulling out his own teeth


Sounds crazy right….


Well what’s the difference if you walk into a gym and start moving weights around apply all sorts of torque and different stresses to your fragile joints and muscles?


No difference


But it happens every day


And people get seriously injured everyday


You only have to look in your Facebook feed at some of the horror videos of injuries happening


Your should not be pumping iron without expert guidance!


1.  For your safety and


2.  So you achieve your gal without wasting any money


Finding a trainer is easy


However finding a good trainer can be difficult. 


This industry is unregulated


Certification does not mean qualification


Proven track record, trainers that do what they preach, trainers that are continually doing some form of self-development are the guys you need to be looking out for.


If they have a few bits of paper to go with it then great it proves they can read and wright and remember a few Latin names.


Personal trainers education begins once they have passed the basics certification!


Many certifications are obtained in a weekend, which often teach out dated bullshit methods of training and nutrition at best only designed to improve overall health and fitness.


Even a degree n exercise physiology doesn’t mean you know how to help someone gain massive amounts of muscle!


As for these big box gyms most of the trainers aint got a clue what they are doing, you’re more likely to meet a great salesperson than a great trainer.


The best trainers have one goal in mind….


Not to cause you the most pain


Not to make you sore


Not to chew your ear off for the next hour sharing all there personal shit with you


Not to waste your time


It’s to get you to your goal safely with non-stop progress


Look for someone with a proven track record of some, who’s getting the results that you want,


Make sure that they have there own coach and stay up to date with the latest science and methods.


That’s all for today


Until tomorrow


Laurie “proven track Record” Carr




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