Phase 1


Just a quick post this morning as I was late getting up, woke at 5.45am rather than 5.00am. Think my bodies circadium rhythm is starting to function back to normal so it’s becoming a bit of a battle getting out of bed!  Also tell tale signs of this normalising are that I’m managing to sleep straight through only waking to go to the bathroom, which is also a good sign that my adrenals are on the mend. This has been helped with the use of the supplements liquorice root, Ginseng, holy basil & Rhodiola.

So this stage of post contest prep is, in my opinion, mentally the hardest phase.  You have slowly starved yourself over 12-20 weeks, the show has been and gone, the next set of goals seem so far in the future it’s not worth thinking or planning for, so you might as well binge eat and gain as much weight & size as possible... I think NOT!

A lot of guys would probably continue to binge eat for 8-12 weeks then all of a sudden look in the mirror and think ‘shit do I even train?’  Then have to go on a mini diet (6-8 weeks) to correct just some of the mess that they have made. That’s a total of 20 weeks of pure muscle growing time wasted!

So what should we be doing? Well, in my opinion this is not the time to capitalise on the rebound effect. That should happen in 12 weeks time when the body is functioning optimally inside and out. I’ve been implementing a bit of reverse dieting/with modified nutrient timing and carbohydrate back loading. I wouldn’t say that this is the perfect way to do it but a mixture of these two protocols satisfies the massive cravings and hunger and enables you to stay moderately lean!

Here is an outline of my cureent nutrition plan –

Carbs are really low all day long just relying on fats and protein, except after training where I will still be having some fast acting carbs, protein isolate & extra BCAAs  to stimulate/maintain any muscle growth (training in the morning 10.00am)

 Evening meal (usually meal number 5) consists of around 150g of complex carbs, lean protein sources and plenty of veg and then a fruit salad with low fat greek  yoghurt .  

150g may seem like a lot of carbs but I am 270lbs and this figure is manipulated depending on how I am looking (although I was depleting on 350g of carbs during the last week of the show so 150g+ is nothing really)

So that’s pretty much the basis of my nutrition plan at the moment ..simple as that! 

So far I’ve only gone 9lbs over my stage weight, which is mostly water weight and probably mostly accumulated from the day after the show where I went nuts with the food!!

 So 9lbs up on a 270lb body is not bad if I say so myself. I’ve known guys to rebound and put 40-50lbs of water and fat on within a week of finishing their show! I don’t think the kidneys and other organs will thank them for that later in life.


The next phase will be the detox phase, if everything inside is working and functioning properly then the outside tissues will respond much better. This phase will be started weeks  6-8 of the post show phase, all depending on what the 1st set of blood test results say. If they’re way out then I’ll start it sooner rather than later and this will usually last 2 weeks. Once the blood results have come back good then it will be on to the primer phase, once again lasting 2 weeks. This is where the magic happens, setting the body up for maximum growth and absorbtion of nutrients, coupled with staying disciplined throughout the post show recovery phase and everything internally working properly due to the detox. The body is maximally primed for some explosive growth and maximum fat burning within the first 6-10 weeks!

Now that the body has settled down and my digestion has improved I can increase the variety of foods I can tolerate & I will be getting straight back onto the nutrient timing protocol that I employed last year as the lean muscle gain results where phenomenal! This will be in approx 12 weeks time,as soon as the bloods have been done and detox and primer phase’s  complete.
With regards to cheat meals at the moment I’m having them on a Wednesday or Thursday (depending on which day I’ve trained) and Saturday and Sunday (3 per week)  This meal can get a bit dirty so I must have trained prior to having the cheat meals!  Cheat meal frequency is assessed on a week to week basis all depending on my current condition and what the callipers are saying.

Example diet plan for the reverse dieting phase

8oz steak
1 avacodo
170g Greek yogurt

6oz Turkey
25g mixed omega seeds

6oz chicken
50g olives
Mixed vegetables with gluten free gravy

6oz Turkey
150g stir fry veg using 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

6oz lean meat
150g complex carbs
mixed Vegetables

1 scoops isolate protein
50g gluten free oats
1 banana

Post workout shake

75g carbs
1 scoop isolate


Cheat Meals – Usually replaces meal number 5 (must have trained before hand)


Supplements that are in use other than what was described above is

4000mg Fish Oils
Milk thistle
Udos choice Greens
Udos choice Probiotics
Udos choice Digestive enzymes (especially around the large carb Meals)


Example diet plans will be posted for the Detox, Prinmer and nutrient timing phases as I progress on to them.

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