So just finished filming my “Road to the British” documentary yesterday


Don’t think my camera guy was that impressed with me


but Im sure he understands by now how hard this show prep is by now


My excuses is I am very depleted and feeling like shit


He didn’t really get two words out of me for the camera


Just a few grunts and Groans


Sorry “Jack”


Anyway after we finished he commented on how different I was booking from a week ago


But shouldnt let comments from in experienced people sway your descions with your prep as sometimes as people who don’t train might think that a smack head with abs looks good


Ha (that’s why everyone needs a good coach to bounce off)


Got to love this bodybuilding malarkey




After the filming he tried to show me some of the work, which I refused to look at as again, another mind fuck


Not seeing the polished product makes me start questioning myself and how I look


And often pictures and video in the wrong light can really screw up your physique


And that it got me thinking


These guys that are constantly posting on social media pics of them self’s must be hugely confident.


Looking at my news feed the world seems to have gone mad with selfies


Great if you wanna track your journey


But for me id rather wait and look at the end product and just listen to my coach


I don’t need others opinions from social media to guide my decisions on what to do next in my journey


Not saying there anything wrong with it


But come on what do 99% of people on social media know about building muscle and body composition


Nothing I suspect




The other negative side of the constant muscle pics going on social media is the posting to impress lie and deceive people what it’s taken to get a result.


Basically I’ve seen some dudes portraying a false images and results


If that’s what they want to do then fine


But the problem is the people following these fakers


Trying to reach a goal that’s unattainable, unhealthy, and unachievable with the advice that they are being given.


This just doesn’t happen on social media it happens down your local gym to


PTs promising the world and not being able to deliver using the quick fix strategies outlined at the start of the program


I see and undo this damage they do all the time once the client realize they need to start doing things the right and often simple way!


So my message today is follow your journey,


Work with someone online or offline who will establish your goals, provide a realistic solution and time scale


Give you workable plan of action to suit your lifestyle,


And support you on your journey with out blowing smoke up your arse just to get the next £30 for a PT SESSION or online program


Remember that they’re no quick fixes in this world


Just take action, be consistent, work hard and if something sounds to good to be true it probably is!


Follow this advice and you will achieve your goals without all of the hype of social media!


Laurie “Hating Social Media” Carr


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