Are your goals aligned with your dreams?


Yesterday I touched on your muscle building goals for the upcoming 3, 6 or 12 months


And todays was going to talk about how to really get there and is your goal setting really to blame for you not achieving them thus far


Ever heard of this prayer


God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Well it’s called the serenity prayer


Before you start thinking I'm a bible basher trust me I am not


But it came u when I was ding some research about goal setting


Basically this prayer as been around forever,


Why has it stood the test of time and been so influential, because it reminds us that we do not have control over everything in our lives


We only have direct control over our lives


“Pretty deep stuff right”


Especially for r a 20stone bodybuilder


yeah that’s right we aint all dumb meat heads


Anyhow how does this relate to your muscle building potential and goals?


Well it highlights one overlooked truth


You, your coach, Your Doctor, or anyone else does not have any direct effect over your muscle cells and whether they decide to grow bigger and stronger


But what you do have control over is your behaviour


The day-to-day actions that you CONSISTANTLY take are well within your control, unlike what your muscle building cells are doing on a day-to-day basis.


Taking this a step further, the outcome of a result  (“I want 23 inch Guns by Xmas)


Is much less in your control than the behaviours that can lead you to that outcome


(I will train my arms twice per week for the next 6 months and eat the correct food every single day)


Get it?...


Another example and one that I hear all the time being a competition prep coach


Outcome – I want to compete in May next year


That’s all well and good but if the behaviours are not put in place there s no way in this world that’s going to happen


Behaviours – train 5 times per week, eat 6 times per day everyday, perform 5 cardio sessions every week without failure, be a master of time management, cut out all alcohol and stress.


Obviously getting ready to compete is much more complex than that but your get the idea, to achieve any outcome goal, all the necessary behaviour goals must be set in place and worked on!


So the focus should not be on the outcome but the behaviours to get there, shifting your focus to the behaviours will improve your chances of achieving your goals 10 fold!


So going forward how do you shift your focus from outcome based goals


Well you concentrate on the things that you can control now!


By reframing your goals to be behaviour based, not outcome based


Going forwards set more goals like I described above


Here they are again


-       Train 5 times per week,

-        Eat 6 times per day everyday, 

-       Perform 5 cardio sessions every week without failure,

-       Be a master of time management,

-       Cut out all alcohol

-       Manage my stress levels better


And set less outcome goals like these goals.


-       I will gain 20 pounds of muscle this year

-       I will add 2 inch’s to my arms by Xmas

-       Ill be a Mr Olympia by this time next year


See the difference between the two


Behaviours are specific commitments that will eventually lead to the outcome that you want.


They can be control NOW its 100% up to you if they are accomplished, no one else!

They can be measured

They can be done consistently they are small manageable tasks


So there you have it


Most of you have now probably realised you have been concentrating on the wrong type of goals


Change it and see how much more quickly you gain the physique your after.


Until next time


Laurie “23  Inch Guns” Carr