Recovery Training

So we are now into week 4 of my 12 week recovery period, by now a lot of competitive bodybuilders will start to see some major fat gain as taking regular trips to the cake and biscuit isle in Sainsbury is becoming part of their daily routine for their over indulgence. 

The initial over compensation of glycogen storage within the muscles is starting to subside and the bodies metabolic  rate is starting to slow as hormonal changes inevitably occur so fat storage starts to increase at a rapid rate. If you’re not careful you’ll wake one Monday morning after of weekend of scheduled  binge eating  and find that the once full round swollen striated muscles are now just flat deflated and covered in a 1 inch layer of fat. NOT GOOD!

So as I described in my last article I am a massive advocate of holding off on the post show rebound until my body is fully recovered, de-stressed from the show, the hormones are on a even keel and most importantly my insides are working optimally for maximum muscle gain and fat burning potential and trust me this aint gonna happen straight after a show!  The best thing that can happen post show is some muscle gain due to the rebound for 2-4 weeks then normally a huge crash, hormonally, metabolically, and health issues to follow!

So that’s enough about the nutrition side of things for today. I am going to talk briefly about the training that I am doing and post a few workouts up on the blog for the next few weeks, but then again if I feel like it (which is highly likely) I might start banging on again about nutrition as it’s my favourite subject!

Training wise over the next  4 weeks(and the past few weeks)  I have backed right down on the intensity, the volume and frequency of my training. As described before this is not a time for growing. At best, it’s a time for maintaining that lean muscle tissue (I am not interested in the swollen borrowed muscle tissue, water weight look).  So due to personal events coming up (baby,  new house and growing a new business) I am structuring my training around these factors for the next 12 weeks. If I can lay the foundations and get organised now then going back into full swing hardcore training should not be such a big deal.

I’ll be doing a basic PUSH, PULL, LEGS Split. Here is a sample routine I have done for chest, shoulders, & triceps


Triset                                                     Sets                       Reps                      Tempo                  rest
1a Mid level cable crossovers     3                              12                           4011                      
1b Horizontal machine press       3                              12                           4010      
1c Declined press-ups                    3                              12                           4011                       45 secs

2a Inclined DB Press                        4                              8                              4010                       40s

3a DB Flys                                            3                              8                              4010
3b T-BAR Vertical Press                 3                              8                              4011                       60s



Giant Set
1a Seated lateral Raises                 4                              12                           3010
1b DB Clean & Press                        4                              15                           2010
1c Seated Bentover Flys                4                              12                           4010
1d Seated Prone lift backs            4                              12                           4010                       60s



Giant Set
1a Cable rope pushdowns            4                              10                           4010
1b Reverse rope pushdowns      4                              10                           3010
1c Overhead rope press                                4                              10                           4020
1d Straight Bar pushdowns          4                              10                           4101                       60s


This Frequency of training suits me great and it’s allowing my body the extra time for recovery that it needs after a long year of training. The routines I am doing at the moments are purely instinctive training. (which is completely different to how I normally approach training)  So I am going in the gym without my log book and doing what feels right, my aim is to be in and out within 45 minutes and not going crazy with the weights, going for purely form, feel and the pump try to contract those areas which normally have a weak neural connection (mind muscle connection) hence why all the supersets, trisets and giant sets. They’re quick to deliver plenty of blood to the working area which equals great pump and recovery and maybe some sarcoplasmic hypertrophic growth as a bonus.

With the above routine I will rotate the body part that gets hit with the giant sets and trisects each week, and also rotate which body part gets hit first and my substitute exercises around. This is definitely not my normal way of training but this is the time to experiment with new techniques and exercises and then put them into my plan after the 12 week recovery phase.

Over the next few weeks will keep posting my recovery workouts so you can see what i am up to.

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